Happy Libra Full Moon! This is the time of the year when we shine a spotlight on relationships. And not just romantic ones, but anyone we connect, socialize, and find common ground with. Libra is partnership, consensus, and equity … just as much as it’s beauty, harmony, and balance. The full moon will be exact on April 11, 2017 at 2:08 am EDT, 21 degrees Libra/Aries. That’s 11:08 pm in Los Angeles on April 10, 7:08 am in London on April 11, and 4:08 pm in Sydney.

Venus, the ruling planet of Libra, has been making headlines lately. Ever since it turned retrograde on March 4, we’ve had to take a second look at relationships as well as our interpersonal skills. Retrogrades are a time when we have to rewind in order to integrate or have a different consciousness around what that planet stands for. So, with the full moon in Venus’s home sign, this retrograde cycle will come to a climax.

One of the driving themes behind Venus Retrograde is a need to reevaluate. Venus, the planet of money and resources, is deeply tied to this idea of worth. How much are we going to pay for it? How much time is it worth? The last four weeks have been a meditation on value — especially the value of some of our closest relationships and alliances. The full moon will be a decision, a realization. Do we continue as things are or do we draw a line in the sand?

Somewhat complicating matters, Venus is still retrograde and won’t turn direct until April 15. Whatever story playing out around the full moon won’t fully resolve until Venus moves forward. Additionally, Venus will station on Chiron in Pisces and square Saturn. This full moon will highlight a deep emotional, psychic, and spiritual pain around relationships. Are we worth it?

In order for us to evolve into something better we must first confront what is holding us back. The full moon’s square to Pluto and opposition to Uranus will do exactly that. This is confrontational energy built into a full moon, which is inherently confrontational. Be mindful of what you are seeing and feeling. If astrology tells us what time it is, then the full moon is time make a change in our relationships and how we connect with one another. It’s the only way to take things to the next level.

We are worth it.

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