“You provided me with a big picture overview of everything that has happened in my life in the past and everything that is currently happening based on my Natal Chart. And with that insight, you empowered me to take the next right step in my future. The experience was clarifying and transformative.”

Holly from New York

“Katie Sweetman is not just an astrologer, but also a profoundly gifted Seer. The difference between her and other astrologers that I have consulted was her profound respect and ability to relate to me in a way that made me feel truly seen and understood. She truly listens and hears you and is therefore able to reflect you with complete accuracy. A rare gift even for astrologers and Seers who often seem to relate more out of themselves instead of truly seeing (sensing into) their client. If you want to go deeper on your path of self-development and soul healing, and are looking for some feedback and deeper understanding of yourself and your karmic patterns and blocks to thriving in life, she is definitely the one for you. Both my husband and I have consulted her and are astonished about her profound accuracy, respect, kindness and honesty in reflection. She has pin-pointed what our core-issues are and we are already seeing fruits of addressing those issues.”

Anon from Montana

“You really have a gift for getting to the deepest, most stubborn issues, and for helping with their solutions.”

Diane from Boston

“Since we hung up, I wanted to write you to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help. Something has been moved in me. Even though I can’t tell yet what is it, today I feel better, less fearful.”

Julie from Boston

“I will never forget what you’ve given me.”

Kathryn from Colorado

“Have to say I’m totally blown away by your abilities.”

Ty from London

“You have a tremendous talent!”

Bahar from Brooklyn, NY

“Katie, for some time now I have been observing your work from afar; reading your insights on Facebook, your monthly horoscopes, taking in Intro to Astrology and other information you provide on your website. Given my science background, your descriptions of the exactness of the planetary movements and how they impact us all (particularly me!) has fascinated me. Thank you for all of this Katie — and also for my first reading with you today. It was eye-opening to say the least and gave me great insight into my personal interests, quirks and idiosyncrasies. And with a maturity and sensitivity beyond your years, you used your vast knowledge of astrology to address and make sense of several personally significant events in the last 5–10 years for me. And as an energy worker myself, I know you gently assisted me in this session to clear some ‘stuck’ negative energy. Thank you so much.”

Jo-Anne Brown from Sapphire, Australia

“Wow! Just had an amazing reading with Empowering Astrology. I love how we were able to mix astrology and channeling into one session. Together we were able to get rid of some energy. Words can’t explain. Wow. Just wow. I need a nap now. I would highly recommend getting a reading from her.”

Katie from California

“The reading I received from you really helped me see the light in my life. Your ability to use my natal chart to connect with me felt like magic. I felt rejuvenated after our conversation had ended. This reading uncovered what I was looking for. You gave me a sense of self I had lost, and encouraged me to keep pushing forward. Thank you so much!!”

Hanna from Tennessee

“Katie, our sessions have been truly a breakthrough for me. Your ability to really get to the heart of the natal chart and connect it to this life’s journey is nothing short of amazing. You are making a difference in my life! Thank you!!”

Janet from Alabama

“I had been following Katie on Facebook, really enjoying her upbeat and incisive posts for over a year when my life started to move into some dark places and I decided to reach out for a reading. We had corresponded on line once before, when I was investigating psychics for a friend, so I felt I knew her and opted to meet face to face as I live in NYC. I immediately felt comfortable in her presence and the serene, lovely space she set for our meeting.  Her insights and guidance during our time together were amazing, and truly broke open blocks I was feeling, reaffirming the heart work I had been drawn to (yet fearful of committing to) since early in life. While I have had my natal chart read before, Katie’s gift lies in connecting the dots between planetary influences and your particular path — both here & now, as well as in past lives — in uncanny and inspiring ways. I left feeling energized with renewed confidence that I could tackle whatever life was sending me. Needless to say, I highly recommend Katie — she is warm, gifted, highly articulate — and most definitely, empowering!”

Diane C. from New York, NY, www.YogaRefreshRenew.com

“I just love working with Katie. She is such a wise, compassionate and extremely intuitive soul. I have had a few readings with her over the last couple of years, all very profound and I always leave each reading feeling very empowered and very clear on my current direction and what I can do moving forward to make the most of what energetic influences are around me. As a healer and meditation teacher who has done a lot of personal development over the years I really appreciate how deep Katie goes into the chart and her remarkable and powerful ability to really connect deeply to the SOUL.

“Within each session she has helped me open magical doors that have been previously locked … and behind those doors has been rich and insightful guidance direct from my soul’s wisdom and collective memory. Through Katie’s gentle and compassionate council she has given me relief and appreciation for even the most toughest aspects and transits in my chart. If you are ready to go deep into your life purpose of why and what you are here to be doing from a soul’s perspective — SEE KATIE. She is amazing and I am thrilled to have her in my network as a light that can help guide me through my life, allowing me to blossom into my highest potential”

Sara Brooke from Melbourne, Australia,
Meditation Teacher & Healer, The Space Between

“I come away from every conversation with affirmation of truth that I need to be reminded of.”

Jamilyn from New York

“The reading that I received from you last August, during one of if not the most difficult time of my life, has provided constant inspiration for me and catalyzed me to begin a journey of deeper astrological, karmic, and spiritual study, which has brought me out of the shadows and into a purposeful, soulful place in my life. I continue to follow your blog and podcasts and am so grateful for your positive, inspiring contributions to the world.”

Rachel from Roanoke, VA

“I know next to nothing about astrology and had never even considered consulting with an astrologer for any reason. But when the opportunity to work with you presented itself, I thought, ‘Why not?’ I have to say that it was one of the most insightful and empowering things I have ever done. You not only explained the nuts and bolts of my chart, but also gave me meaningful and heartfelt ideas for how to move forward with what I had learned. I never would have guessed how profound this experience would have been; it was totally worth it!”

Melanie from Brooklyn, NY

“I can’t even begin to thank you for that incredibly powerful reading. I am still processing and I’m sure I will be for the next few days. You totally hit all the right notes — bringing out exactly the issues that I needed to explore more intimately. Aside from being a an amazingly astute astrologer on top of all the details, I love the way you intuitively honed in on the most ‘tender’ energy — almost like an acupuncturist palpating for the tissue that needed to be healed. It’s truly the perfect blend of qualities that makes your sessions so powerful — the psychic tuning that I can feel you doing behind the scenes, while guiding and giving great advice about how to tangle with transits and progressions. I definitely feel healed —  I now have some new (and better) coping tools that I can put into effect immediately.”

Stefanie Iris Weiss, astrologer and co-author of Surviving Saturn’s Return

“Ever since we talked it’s like something has sprung open.”

Kim from Seattle, WA

“You tapped into something profound.”

Sue from Boulder, CO

“Wow, what a great reading! I wish I could tell you how much that rang true in so many ways. Thank you so much.”

Tessa from Australia

“I came to Katie at a time in my life where I was at a crossroads. I was seeking a new level of consciousness, which at the time I didn’t realize was going to be revealed by digging deep into uncomfortable questions. I asked Katie to interpret my natal chart and in doing so she helped me to make space for a new way of thinking about my place in this world, my relationships, and where I came from. Katie is both highly intelligent and her warm nature culled my trepidation of this task. Katie comforted me in this discovery, and for that I am thankful to have found her.”

Erin from Brooklyn, NY