Tomorrow Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money will turn retrograde in Aries, urging us to look more deeply at Venus in our lives. If retrogrades are a time of review, then we’ll be digging into relationship patterns this month and learning what true value is.

Venus doesn’t turn retrograde very often. In fact, compared to other planets, Venus turns retrograde with the least frequency. And if we check our calendars, Venus was last retrograde July through September 2015. (If we go back even further, the last time Venus was retrograde in Aries was March 2009.)

What can we learn from Venus in Aries? Well, first, Venus isn’t exactly at home in Aries. In classical terms, Venus is in its detriment, which means that she doesn’t get to express herself in the way she naturally would. If Venus is normally charming and affable, then in Aries she’s feisty, prickly, and takes the lead. Perhaps our relationships or social interactions have a bit of spice to them right now. Venus in Aries has little patience for BS. She gets right to the point.

Seeing how Venus rules over love and money, don’t be surprised if an old flame resurfaces for you to work out some loose ends. (This is classic Venus Retrograde.) If you start a relationship, though, it may feel fated or as if you two knew each other in a past life. On the money side of things, we also don’t know something’s real value when Venus is retrograde or we’re able to look beneath the surface and see true worth. Avoid making big purchases or investments until after Venus is direct (unless you find a major deal on something). What you’re buying may be over or undervalued. Oh, and PS, Venus Retrograde is not a time to get cosmetic work done.

Lastly, a fun fact. Venus and her retrograde — or synodic — cycle draws a perfect five petaled rose over the course of eight years. Hence the planet’s connection with symmetry, harmony, balance, and beauty.

Note that Venus will be retrograde until April 15, turning direct at 26 Pisces.

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