After spending the last year pushing us to work hard and grow through service — not to mention getting healthy and organized — Jupiter trades Virgo for Libra. If Jupiter is faith and wisdom gained through life’s experiences, then Libra will bring a leap to connect. Jupiter is also the guru, the teacher, and whatever signs it is in proves to be a fertile ground for lessons learned. With that in mind, what can Libra teach us?

As a socially driven sign, Libra describes how we interact with others and seek common ground. It’s also a sign traditionally associated with relationships, partnership, and marriage. Ruled by Venus, Libra’s also a sign that actively preserves traditions and status quo, instinctively knowing What Is Done and Not Done. It loves good manners and thank-you notes as well as design and aesthetic. While not all Libra is high fashion, it certainly has an urge to create beauty in the world.

Over the next year we may effortlessly seek and find opportunity in the finer things in life. Relationships of all variety will also see growth, too. But as much as Jupiter has a reputation as a bestower of gifts and good fortune, it may give us the faith to leave a relationship, to seek out new connections that are quite different from our previous experiences. It will also aggrandize the shadow side of Libra — vanity, superficiality, extravagance, and an over reliance on fussy or outdated traditions. Plus, we can’t forget Libra’s sweet tooth. Whatever healthy gains we made under Virgo may be abandoned in favor of confections and candy.

Jupiter in Libra also brings a new phase to our Saturn in Sagittarius journey. As the ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter’s year in Virgo created tension between our search for truth and the need to ground what we learn about ourselves and the world into the practical everyday. But now that Jupiter is in Libra, our need to define what we believe in takes on new meaning. We now must have faith to connect, make peace, and find balance. Additionally, since Libra is a cardinal sign, something will begin a new.

Want to know where Jupiter in Libra will bring growth and opportunity? Read for your Sun and rising sign.

Jupiter in Libra, Sign by Sign:

Aries and Aries Rising — Relationship, partnership, one-on-one connection, marriage, other people, the faith to leave a relationship, expanding knowledge through other people, relationships with people from other cultures or religions.

Taurus and Taurus Rising — Health, wellness, diet, fitness, nutrition, organization, daily life, habits, details, organization, facing fears about health, transformation through ritual or habit, community service.

Gemini and Gemini Rising — Creativity, talent, self expression, romance, ego, identity, art, children, creative partnership, recognition of talents, professional risk taking.

Cancer and Cancer Rising — Home, family, roots, foundation, living situation, move, expansion of home, remodeling, redecorating, feathering the nest, refinement in the home, emotional connection, emotional security, organization in the home, getting emotionally real, different cultures in the home.

Leo and Leo Rising — Communication, information, thinking, speaking, writing, movement, travel, the neighborhood, siblings, classes, growth through learning, creative writing, talents through the voice, expression, addressing fears, opening up emotionally, discussing vulnerability, openness about shame and secrets.

Virgo and Virgo Rising — The material world, material security, material needs, value, money, income, salary, purchases, relationship values, stability in partnership, buying beautiful things for the home.

Libra and Libra Rising — The self, new beginnings, taking a leap, taking action, pushing your agenda, larger than life, physical growth, weight, generosity, vitality, expressing personal beliefs or worldview, being the teacher or guru.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising — Retreat, inner world, spirituality, connection to the universal, divine marriage, emotional harmony, spiritual values, bringing physical and spiritual into harmony, unseen or hidden talents, shedding ego, letting go of old expressions of self, getting rid of possessions.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising — Community, friendships, social networks, the collective, humanity, the future, looking ahead, justice, social equity, freedom, fairness, human family, emotional connection through friendships, feeling far from home, the unknown, community leadership.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising — Career, public standing, reputation, the outside world, ambition, success, professional gains, professional growth, career opportunities, voice in the world, worldly responsibility, being seen as the guru or teacher.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising — Foreign travel, distance, journeys, search for knowledge, wisdom, philosophy, religion, beliefs, faith, world view, higher education, law, justice, equity, teaching wisdom, teaching personal philosophy, worldly values, financial opportunities abroad.

Pisces and Pisces Rising — Emotional intimacy, vulnerability, sharing, facing fears, shadow, transformation, rebirth, psychological health, secrets, trust, security, sexuality, resources, wealth, finance, debt, taxes, other people’s money, legacies, inheritances, benefits, estates, career alliances, power, behind the scenes negotiation, hidden allies.