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Astro Daily: March 21, 2017

Moon in Capricorn day, a time in the lunar calendar when we nourish ourselves with the energy of achievement, success, and responsibility. Capricorn is the sign that teaches about carving out a place for ourselves in the world. Here we master the material.

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Astro Daily: March 6, 2017

Cancer Moon day, a time in the lunar month when we’re urged to connect to the things that nourish. As the first water sign, Cancer is all about emotional basics. Am I safe? Am I loved? Are my roots strong? Who are my family? For this, Cancer can feel like an ache of hunger.

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Astro Daily: March 3, 2017

Tomorrow Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money will turn retrograde in Aries, urging us to look more deeply at Venus in our lives. If retrogrades are a time of review, then we’ll be digging into relationship patterns this month and learning what true value is.

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Astro Daily: February 3, 2017

Venus, the planet of peace, cooperation, and beauty, moves into Aries today. Truthfully Venus isn’t at home in Aries, a sign where it has to learn to assert itself. It’s also less likely to find common ground, something the world needs right now.

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Astro Daily: October 8, 2015

Today Venus will say goodbye to Leo and hello Virgo, the sign of purity, service, and organization. If we’re playing by the old astrology rules, Virgo isn’t exactly the best placement for Venus. The ancients would say she’s in her “fall” (because she’s in the opposing sign she’s exalted in, […]

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Astro Daily: October 7, 2015

Venus is finally winding her way through the final degree of Leo after four MONTHS in the sign of creativity, performance, self expression, and romance. By comparison, Venus normally spends four weeks in a sign. The reason Venus was in Leo so long is because she retrograded from July 25 […]

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Astro Daily: October 1, 2015

Yesterday marked the half way point of Mercury Retrograde, which began on September 17. I haven’t talked much about it because, honestly, there’s just been so many other things going on. Like Saturn in Sagittarius, a solar eclipse in Virgo, and a lunar eclipse in Aries — all marquee astrological […]

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Leo New Moon: Working Our Talents

Happy Leo New Moon! This is the time of the year when we begin a lunar month in support of creativity, performance, self expression, identity, romance, and fun. Leo is a sign, after all, that loves a good party, reminding us to be joyful, childlike and playful. The new moon will be exact […]

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August 2015 Horoscopes

Here comes the Sun! August is all about Leo, a sign that wouldn’t want it any other way. Leo is the king, the artist, the larger than life presence that is often channeled into performance and drama. While Leo may be a natural for the stage, it’s ultimately a sign […]

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Venus through the Signs

Venus is the planet of love, relationships, balance, symmetry, design, and peace. We all have Venus somewhere in our chart and when we known what sign she is in, it reveals what we both attract, value, and how we relate to others. (Don’t know where your Venus is? Check out […]

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July 2015 Horoscopes

July is Cancer season, a time when the Sun shines a light on all things home, family, care, and nurturing. Cancer is the ocean, feelings, and security. It’s also a sign that has a strong emotional connection to the past. So it seems fitting, perhaps uncomfortably so, that our swim through the waters of Cancer […]