At some point in time Chiron became short hand for wound.

Maybe this is a semantic argument, but the word wound never sat well with me. It feels like a mistranslation or a word in English that while sort of correct doesn’t quite translate the original meaning. Worse, Chiron has become shorthand for the “wound that never heals.” If my work has taught me anything it’s that some wounds do heal, a point of contraction opening up and allowing more light, jagged psychic edges smoothing over through repeated effort. If anything Chiron is a sensitive place in the chart that demands our compassion, empowerment, and consciousness.

I say all of this as a way of introducing a transmission that I received from Spirit over the course of April 28–29. I’ve been channeling since the Pisces solar eclipse in March and the work has come through as a series of written dialogues and transmissions. When I asked about Chiron and the wound, they started to transmit to me when I was walking to work. Later, when I was at my computer and had time to dictate, this is what they shared.

We said to you, as you were walking, that one must know suffering in order to understand and empathize with the suffering of others. Chiron represents that point of knowing. You were going to write “point of suffering” and that is correct as well. Because we can get caught in the suffering. Identify with it too much. Chiron is a knot, not a wound, a knot of suffering in the fabric that has incarnated on a physical level. We have incarnated with Chiron to show where we have chosen — yes, chosen — to work on the knot of suffering for the good of all humanity. The knot can be undone. It must be undone. When there is no suffering there will be no more Chiron. We cannot identify with our Chiron. When it is unconscious we keep adding to the knot, but when we engage with our Chiron from a point of consciousness and light, the knot loosens. Empower your Chiron and you empower humanity.

Chiron belongs to the transpersonal. It is not a classical planet therefore it deals with something bigger than the self. Chiron in Pisces reveals a knot of suffering that is existential, spiritual, mystical. How can there be a God if people suffer? There is rage in Chiron in Pisces, a well of pain that is endless. Call upon the forces of redemption. Yes, redemption. Like healing waters it washes away the tightness in the knot. Compassion. Forgiveness. Chiron in Pisces highlights the first karma, the wound of separation from Source.

Why is there suffering?

There is suffering because we are behind the veil, we are separated from Source. Although the irony is that we are never separate. We have forgotten our true origins and wander the earth in amnesia. We feel this sense of loss yet we can’t remember where it stems from. We seek out things to ameliorate that loss — food, sex, addiction — yet the well is endless. We keep trying to solve a spiritual problem with something physical. It creates more pain, strife, and struggle. The ego kicks in, the pain becomes personalized, and it spreads through the world like a cancer.

You think this is bleak, but look at the world around you. It is not that there is no joy or beauty, but it is a world in pain. They riot in the streets of Baltimore. They march in Missouri. People are in pain because the world has forgotten them. They feel as though even Source has forgotten them. And that pain is endless.

There is suffering because we have become addicted to suffering. We need it to survive. You almost didn’t write that. It shocked you a little bit. We are giving you pointed truths. Do we wish there to be a world without suffering? Of course. That is what we are working on. That is what you are working on. You are building an energetic foundation for a more peaceful planet so that the soil that people seek nutrients from is cleaner, purer.

You are an empath. You feel the pain of others. Do not identify with it. It is not yours. Hold space for it like you would as the mother of humanity, open hearted, compassionate. 

What can people do?

We want to create a distinction between suffering and empathy. We are not suggesting people stop feeling. There are real injustices in your world. A soft heart allows us to recognize what others are going through, whether an earthquake half across the world or a tragedy in your own back yard. We are asking people to be more mindful about identifying with pain. Making it part of their identity, wearing it like a badge. You are understanding. You saw or rather felt an image of a bitter person. Suffering has become calcified into the structure of identity. Like a prism, life filters through this bitterness. It is a lens. And all that person sees and feels is more bitterness. Disease then wraps around this structure like a vine, choking out life.

Things happen. Certainly things have happened to you. Don’t use these experiences to create letters that you add to your name like a title or degree. When you do, you are out of alignment with your true identity as creator incarnate.

Be soft. Don’t allow the pain to become hard. Keep the heart open. Neptune in your chart gives you a place to reconnect to the energy of Source, to push beyond the amnesia, to remember. We are all one, even those not in physical. We are all drops in an ocean bigger than you can comprehend. Never forget that.

In peace, the Guardians.