Happy Virgo New Moon! This is the time of the lunar calendar when we turn our attention to the sign of the zodiac that teaches us about health, service, and the rhythm and details of daily life. Often misunderstood, Virgo energy grounds us in reality. And, over the coming four weeks, we’ll be getting disciplined and getting to work. The Virgo New Moon will be exact on September 20 at 1:30 am EDT, 27 degrees. That’s 10:30 pm Los Angeles on September 19, 6:30 am London on September 20, and 3:30 pm Sydney.

A new moon sets the tone; it refreshes the narrative. After a Leo eclipse fueled lunar month full of twists, turns, brass, and fire, we settle into Virgo. As an earth sign, it brings us back to our physical lives, from the work we do to take care of our material needs to the minutiae of daily life — food, exercise, schedules, making sure we brush our teeth. Virgo is the energy that keeps things running; it has a deep sense of the needs of others and, thus, is a sign that often expresses itself through service to its loved ones and its community.

With that in mind, we’re doing Virgo over the coming four weeks. While Virgo Season is a great time to get back to basics and tend to our health and diet, the new moon gives us the fertile energy to start fresh. If you need to make a change in your diet or how you organize your day or even your life, use the energy of the new moon to set initiatives and intentions.

When we look at the chart of the new moon, however, a more complex picture emerges of what we’ll be working through personally and collectively over the coming weeks. Falling late in the sign, this Virgo New Moon faces off with Chiron in Pisces and squares Saturn in Sagittarius, stirring up uncomfortable emotional energy and pushing us up against a need to set limits in our lives. If Virgo puts us in touch with real life, then heavy aspects of Mercury and Mars to Neptune, make us face where we’re in illusion or even fantasy.

There’s a sobering element to this new moon and thus the lunar month. When we have to face something, however unpleasant, however real, we realize that we can’t keep doing things as we’ve been doing them before. This means being real with how we treat our bodies, how we show up every day, and how much we pay attention to the fine print. Virgo is a call to clean, to purify, to put things in their place.

As much as Virgo speaks to our physical world, there’s also a strong emotional thread to this lunar month. This means releasing negative attachments, addictions, and anything that clouds our reality. This new moon is a call to surrender.

The thing about Virgo, ultimately, is that it cannot exist without its polarity, the sign of Pisces. Virgo is the earth to Pisces’s heaven. We’re called this lunar month to straddle the divide, to find the balance between our physical and our spiritual needs. But, first, we have to clear our illusions and to be open to a radically new way of seeing things.

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