In honor of Neptune turning retrograde, I connected with the masters in spirit, asking them for a deeper understanding of Neptune. This is the transmission that followed.

Greetings. We would like to talk about Neptune now. It is a planet that is stationing today in your perception. The energy is concentrated and you are able to access it in a way that you were not otherwise. Then again you know the energy of Neptune quite well. You live with it everyday as it features heavily in your natal chart. 

We will be brief.

What can we understand from the Neptune station today?

Sensitivity. It’s not that compassion or even psychic activity didn’t exist on your planet before the discovery of Neptune in the 1840s, but humanity had reached a point in its evolution where the collective was ready to have access to a specific energy. That is the function of all the outer planets. Their discoveries coincide with a portal opening that brings access to a new vibration for integration. It is not a coincidence that there has been a rapid increase in the discovery of planets over the last 10 years. Humanity is shifting at a faster and faster rate.

What does it mean to forgive? What does it mean to feel compassion? Before the discovery of the outer planets, starting in 1781, the world was very Saturnian, which is to say rigid. There were lines that generally could not be crossed, whether socioeconomically or energetically. There was a barrier. Then things started to change two centuries ago. And look how fast your world has started to move?

The station of the planet Neptune, whether retrograde or direct, is a call to reconnect to the vibrancy of Source. We are showing you a gentle stream of water. It washes away everything. It purifies. Neptune is a current of purification. But in order to purify you must see what is getting cleared from you. Neptune can unmoor things. Previously unmoving, weighty objects now have buoyancy. These could be your emotional blocks or the material you stubbornly hold — judgement, anger, shame, resentment, illusions. Let it all wash away. Let Neptune remind you of your universality, your connection to the waters of the Divine.

What about the dark side of Neptune?

Every planet has a shadow. Or rather the planet reflects a certain vibration of the human experience. We’ve shown you the shadow of Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, and even Mars. We must see the lower path in order to transmute to the higher energetic structure. In the shadow of Neptune is addiction, pain. grief.

People are longing for home. They know and feel that there must be something better than this, better than their pain. They seek out spirituality in a lower vibration or they drink or take drugs as a way of mimicking the feeling of home. Nothing matters, nothing hurts. They feel a sense of floating. But it is hollow. We are showing you the astral plane. You know it. You know the spirits that have not crossed over, who are too afraid to cross over or feel that they died before their time so they latch onto the living, try to experience life through them — food, pleasure, sensations, sexuality. But it is hollow. It’s like trying to taste a memory.

You don’t want to leave people with a negative perception of Neptune, like a bitterness in their mouths. You yourself are going through a Neptune transit to your Venus. The transit is a time to see the natal planet in a new light, from the eyes of Source, to let go of the old ego and identity based narratives.

Neptune is in Pisces now. This is a call to reconnect to the universality of source. Yet, as you do so individually, you will see where you are out of alignment with this universality. Universality transcends the ego. There is no self. There is the experience of self, but not the identification in self.

So, on this day that Neptune’s divine waters run high, remember your connection to all that is. Remember your compassion and that you are connected to everything and everyone, whether it is a tree or your neighbor or someone on the other side of the world.

In peace, the guardians.