Happy Leo Full Moon! Happy lunar eclipse! This the time of year when we shine a light on pride, individuality, art, and creativity. The full moon is also lunar eclipse; we’re at a turning point. The full moon will be exact on February 10, 2017 at 7:33 pm EST, 22 degrees Leo/Aquarius. That’s 4:33 pm Los Angeles, 12:33 am London on February 11, and 11:33 am Sydney.

Leo is the sign that teaches us the joy as well as the importance of being ourself. Ruled by the Sun, Leo is the light of creation. It’s fire and passion as well. When I think of Leo I think of the pleasure of being alive, from romance to celebration. Of course Leo, like all signs, has a shadow in the form of arrogance and narcissism. (Exhibit A: the overproduced selfie.)

I’ve been watching this eclipse slowly manifest over the past few weeks. It’s thematically popped into conversations with clients and friends alike. It’s stirred in my consciousness as well. What happens when we stop holding back? Stop being afraid of being ourselves?

One of the things that Spirit says to me over and over again is that we’re here in physical to be happy. Yes, we’ll experience hardship and suffering as a part of our journey in life, the struggle that pushes us to create something new, but Spirit says we can’t forget our joy, we can’t forget the miracle of being alive. Everything we experience, think, create, and take consciousness of is food for the Creator to know creation. Our passion fuels us to create more.

When we reconnect to our creativity and what makes us unique, it opens up our energy. We feel lighter, more expansive. When we’re afraid of being different or what others may think, it’s a contracted energy that keeps us small and stuck.

Here’s an example. Let’s say there’s something that you do that you’re passionate about, but you’re afraid of sharing it for fear of rejection. Maybe you open up to others, but have negative experiences that reinforce the fear. But it’s the fear that is unconsciously attracting people who mirror and validate the fear. The lunar eclipse in Leo says, be bold, be brave. Dare to reveal the fullness of who you are to others and the world.

This is a powerful lunar eclipse. It’s backed up by trines to Uranus and Saturn. There’s support from Jupiter in Libra, too. It’s a restless eclipse, one that wants to break through or come out of the proverbial closet. In a conversation with a friend over wine and dinner last night, she realized that she had been imprisoned by the duty and responsibility of her Virgo Moon and neglected this rich Venus in Leo side of her that wants to dance and perform. It was an awakening, one that calls for her to make changes in her life. Perhaps you’re having a similar awakening.

Our healing work with this eclipse comes in the form of a yod to Chiron in Pisces between the Moon and Jupiter. If creativity puts us in the energy of the Creator, we have to look at our pain or shame around being who we really are. We have to look at the times we shut down our passion. Spend some time focusing and opening up the energy of the second chakra with your consciousness, especially if it feels tight or disconnected.

But, of course, laughter is always the best medicine.

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