Happy Aquarius New Moon! This is the time in the zodiac calendar when we turn our attention to friends, community, and tribe. As the last air sign, Aquarius gives us vision, taking all the experiences and information gained through the previous signs and forming intellect, ideology. As the sign opposite of Leo, it’s the spark of consciousness made manifest. The new moon will be exact on January 27, 2017 at 7:07 pm EST, 8 degrees Aquarius. That’s 4:07 pm Los Angeles, 12:07 am London on January 28, and 11:07 am Sydney.

When we reach Aquarius season, we nearing the end of the zodiac. Whatever personal and rudimentary concepts that we worked through, starting with Aries, have matured and progressed into something beyond the level of the personal. Aquarius is humanity, the collective. And this is a time of year when we’re keenly aware that we’re part of something much larger than the self. We’re connected through our ideas and our beliefs, but we’re also connected by the fact that we all inhabit this spinning circle called Planet Earth.

Over the coming four weeks, we’ll be experiencing life through these Aquarian themes. It’s no longer about us, but something called tribe. We have to get connected. We have to create community. We have to form social networks, find like minded individuals. If this crazy world is telling us anything right now it’s that it’s so important to focus on the needs of the whole. If one part of the ship is sinking, the whole ship is sinking.

There’s a paradox in Aquarius, though. For a sign so concerned with connection, it can sometimes feel very alienated. This will be a lunar month when we have to bear witness to Aquarius’s shadow — disconnection, inhumanity, separation, anti-consciousness. We can’t lose our humanity this month. We have to find it, embrace it, see ourselves in others even if our life experiences seem radically different. If we don’t have friends or community, how will we reach out in the coming weeks?

Aquarius is also science, technology. It’s innovation, invention, and the future. It’s wonderfully weird, too. Yes, we’re all part of the fabric of humanity, but the Leo polarity to Aquarius means that we all have something individual to contribute to the collective whole — something way more than an Instagram feed with a bunch of well edited selfies.

That said, there’s something a little odd about the Aquarius New Moon. It forms no aspects. So whatever we’re seeding this month is a little unstable — doubly so since the full moon on February 10 is a lunar eclipse. Unaspected planets are the epitome of disconnection. They have nothing else to relate to, so they either hyper-dominate the energy of a chart act as an out of tune note that has to be brought into harmony. Considering everything that’s going on the world, we have our Aquarius work cut out for us this month.

Although the new moon is unaspected, we can trace the energy of Aquarius over to Saturn in Sagittarius, which will bring another dynamic into the coming four weeks. Saturn has been teaching us about the importance of faith over the last two years as well as the importance of finding meaning, understanding, and seriously examining how our beliefs shape our view of the world. As a result, this is a very outward focused month, yet at the same time we’re having to understand how we fit into the world as individuals.

Choose connection.

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