Happy Pisces New Moon! Happy solar eclipse! This is the time in the astrological calendar when we pull inward and seek out quiet truths. Pisces is spirituality, mysticism, sensitivity, compassion, intuition, music, and art. It’s also loss, endings, and the suffering that unites us all as human beings. The new moon will be exact on February 26, 2017 at 9:53 am EST, 8 degrees Pisces. That’s 6:53 am Los Angeles, 2:53 pm London, and 1:53 am on February 27.

Let’s get some technical things out of the way. This new moon is also a solar eclipse, which means we’re opening up a six month chapter thematically focused around Pisces. Solar eclipses are new beginnings, like a clock striking a new hour. And eclipses have a well deserved reputation for ushering in the unexpected or events that seem sudden or destined. It’s not that we live in a capricious world where we’re subjected to the whims of fate, but rather eclipses move along the narrative arc of our lives, the script or structure that was set in place for us before birth. In short, life tends to take a turn every six months during eclipse season. Okay? Okay.

Pisces is the last of the zodiac and represents the totally of all the our experiences through each sign. In the previous sign, Aquarius, our experiences formed consciousness and it is through Pisces that we return this consciousness back to the Creator. Symbolically represented by the two fishes swimming in opposite directions, we either return this consciousness for the benefit of Spirit or for Matter, both nourishing the cycle of creation.

When we reach Pisces, we’re pulling away from the physical world. It’s the end of our journey and we prepare to be reborn in Aries. Pisces is the liminal space between lives. It’s gestation, too. We’re both in the womb of the Cosmic Mother and leaving our current bodies behind. We shed, reflect, and tune into something greater than ourselves and our egos.

As the last water sign, Pisces is the collective emotional body. It’s why it’s a sign that’s both so compassionate and sensitive to the feelings of others because Pisces is deeply empathic, understanding the needs and suffering of everyone. Pisces also has a savior complex. It often rushes in to help, often sacrificing itself for others.

I say all of this to lay a foundation for the solar eclipse. If the coming six months will be written through the prism of Pisces, then we’re entering a chapter where we’re called to connect to the needs to humanity, to feel empathy, to rise to a higher calling, to strive for unconditional love, to practice humility and acts of spiritual service. Like Jesus washing the feet of his disciples, no servant is greater than the master. We are all one.

Of course in order to experience the higher expression of Pisces we have to look at the shadow — unconsciousness, substance abuse, illusions, codependence, hysteria, overwhelm, and disconnection from Source. The solar eclipse is conjunct Neptune and the South Node; we have to look at our past and our karma with Pisces’s shadow.

The ruler of the eclipse, Jupiter, is over in Libra, caught in a tense configuration between Mars, Uranus, and Pluto. Over the next six months, we have to reform and transform our relationships with others. We have to find balance, understanding, and peace otherwise we’ll get sucked into Pisces’s strong undertow, not sure what is real and a fantasy. With the opposition to Mars and Uranus, there may be sudden and confrontational events that push us to turn to opportunities of Jupiter in Libra to navigate our way through. After all, on a mundane level, Libra is society and the rules that are in place to make sure that everything continues to run smoothly — partnership, cooperation, and consensus.

Lastly, with Mercury conjunct Neptune, the Sun, and Moon as well, the next six months will activate on our ability to hear, see, and sense Spirit. It’s a highly psychic and intuitive placement for Mercury. With a world increasingly in chaos, how do we tune into our higher guidance? How do we make sure the filter is clean so we’re getting the right information?

To do so we may need do our inner release and healing work. We may be crying more than usual, releasing pent up emotions and traumas. Or our heart may be bursting with the beauty and pain of the world. Pisces says meditate, go on retreat, and get still. Pisces also says we need to get sober and reconnect to why you came here in this life and what you came to serve.

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