Happy Sagittarius Full Moon! This is the time in the zodiac calendar when she shine a spotlight on all things Sagittarius — truth, wisdom, philosophy, education, law, publishing, and travel. In short, Sagittarius shows us the world outside of ourselves, from foreign shores to other cultures and religions. The full moon will be exact on June 9 at 9:10 am EDT. That’s 6:10 am Los Angeles, 2:10 pm London, and 11:10 pm in Sydney.

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, Sagittarius likes things big. In fact is connects us to life on a larger, macro scale, leading into experiences that transcend the personal. As the last fire sign, Sagittarius enthusiastically pushes us into new territory on a quest to know more. For that Sag is often known for its faith and optimism that, despite everything, things will work out in the end.

Sagittarius may actually feel like familiar territory of late. Ever since the planet Saturn arrived in Sagittarius in 2015, we’ve been taking a serious look at what we belive in, what we know to be true, how we see other cultures and religions, and how we value education. This full moon will drive into the heart of this Saturn in Sagittarius journey, which is in its last stretch. What have we learned over the past two years about ourselves and the world? Do we still have faith? Are we staying true to our morals, principles, and integrity? The Sun/Saturn opposition on June 15 will drive these themes deeper.

With the energy of the full moon pointing over to Jupiter in Libra, relationships will also be a major theme. After all, Libra is the sign that teaches us about interpersonal connection, compromise, and partnering with others. Under the glare of the full moon, we may see our relationships in a different light. Jupiter isn’t too far off of a square from Pluto, so something may have to shift or evolve. Plus there’s a lot of fire and air in the chart of the full moon, so there may be a tendency for things to move fast in the next few days.  (As an aside, this full moon squares the March 8, 2016 solar eclipse degree at 18 Pisces. We may feel an echo or a thread that takes us back to that time.)

Lastly, the full moon will square Neptune in Pisces. I’ve noticed that there tends to be a poignancy to Neptune squares, a heaviness of sacrifice or the sense that there are things out of our hands. Neptune in Pisces is the needs of the divine versus the needs of the self. Maybe we feel confused, not quite in control, or overly sensitive. But Neptune will invite us to open to something bigger — a bigger expression of relationship, faith, and knowledge of the universe.

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