Happy Gemini New Moon! This is the time in the astrological calendar when turn our attention to all things Gemini, creating new beginnings in communication, language, ideas, education, and travel. As the sign of the twins, Gemini teaches us about duality and the polarity of choice — light and dark, up and down. That said, the new moon will be exact on May 25, 2017 at 3:45 pm EDT, 4 degrees Gemini. That’s 12:45 pm Los Angeles, 8:45 pm London, and 5:45 am Sydney on May 26.

We’ve had a listless first few months of the year. Maybe listless isn’t quite the right word. How about complicated? Conflicted? It was hard to move forward; Venus and Mercury Retrograde was dragging up all our baggage.

Now it’s May and we’re in a season that’s meant to be fast paced, active, and teeming with movement. We may feel restless with the Gemini New Moon, eager to get started on something, share our ideas, or get our thoughts on paper. With Mercury in Taurus, we’re still digging into themes around the value, especially the value of what we’ve learned and what we communicate to others.

Last thing Gemini wants is to be bored. And, thankfully, this is not a boring lunar month. Mars has been in Gemini since April 21, heating up communication, from lively interactions to tense exchanges. Secondly, Mars is approaching an opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius, bringing to a head something that began on or around August 24, 2016 with the Mars/Saturn conjunction. If Gemini is playful and curious, then a face off with Saturn is sobering and serious. We’ve hit a limit or we’ve reached the logical conclusion in our journey to figure out what we believe and have faith in. Mars will oppose Saturn on May 29.

Also built into the lunar month is a square between Venus and Pluto, an aspect that speaks to power, control, manipulation, and obsession. Over the coming four weeks, we’ll be diving into intrigue and taboo. But, at the core of Venus square Pluto is a soul level imperative to transform or evolve how we interact with others and find consensus instead of unconsciously engaging in a competitive and possibly dangerous game of one-upmanship. And, because we’re in Gemini Season, it’s very important this lunar month to take a close look at how we communicate with each other. How much of our unconscious and unprocessed desires are influencing how we see and hear each other?

Your words will be very powerful this lunar month. Use them wisely.

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