Happy Pisces Full Moon! This is the time in the lunar calendar when the spotlight is on compassion, unconditional love, and the experiences that unite us all as human beings. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces touches on universality, inviting us to recognize ourselves in the lives of others. With that in mind, the full moon will be exact on September 6, 2017 at 3:03 am EDT, 13 degrees Pisces/Virgo. That’s 12:03 am Los Angeles, 8:03 am London, and 5:03 pm in Sydney.

When we reach Pisces, we’ve arrived the end of a long journey. We’ve seen it all and with that comes a deep wisdom that only time and experience can shape. With one foot in this life and the other preparing for the next, we’re intuitively aware that the physical world is only a temporary home. In Pisces we open up to something much larger — a force, a presence — that lives in us and beyond.

Pisces is a sign that paints in broad strokes. It speaks in deep emotions and understanding. It’s the tired, the hungry, the displaced, and the lost. When we have a full moon in Pisces — conjunct Neptune no less — we’re invited to open our hearts and empathize. It doesn’t have to take a natural disaster, a political initiative, or a war for us to do so, but sometimes it does.

This week has given us more than ample reason to feel the suffering of others. But for all of Pisces’s near saintly acts of selflessness, Pisces, like all signs, has a shadow — hopelessness, loss, illusions, addiction, and a denial of the light that inhabits everything. Pisces can also feel so much that it can’t bear being in such a cruel world anymore. The emotional and psychic riptide can pull us under as a result.

Make a conscious effort to reach for Pisces in its highest expression. Do something for others without any expectation. Meditate, reflect, but keep your feet on the ground. (It is Virgo Season after all.) More importantly see yourself connected to everyone and everything on this planet … because you are. Even if you yourself are suffering, may you find mercy this week, like a rope or a hand pulling you out of your darkness. May you be reborn, redeemed, and renewed.

When we look at the rest of the full moon chart, we find Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces, over in Libra. One of the other major themes of this full moon will be relationships as well as how we partner and interact with others. Jupiter in Libra is also a call for balance. If something is out of order or inharmonious with our lives (or our planet), how will we work to bring things back into place? How will we strive for peace and cooperation? With Venus in Leo making a quincunx to the Moon and Neptune, we also have to see beyond smallness of ourselves otherwise we risk not seeing things for what they really are.

Lastly, Jupiter is coming up on an opposition to Uranus. There’s something potentially shocking or confrontational with this full moon that won’t play out till next week. But Uranus oppositions are also an awakening so there’s a potential for this full moon to be a revelation — both for ourselves and humanity. Neptune in Pisces can be a salve, a balm on our souls. May we all find compassion with this full moon.

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