Saturn isn’t exactly the sexiest of planets in astrology, BUT it’s one of the most important. Did you know that, depending on when you were born, Saturn reveals your purpose as well as the lessons you will return to again and again?

Like a good teacher, Saturn literally gives you a syllabus for your life to help you achieve your goals ambitions — so long as you play by the rules. And when things fall apart, Saturn will never fail to give you a roadmap to get back on track.

Doesn’t matter what age you are and what level of astrology you understand, I’ll break Saturn down in this webinar and show you how to gain a deeper understanding of what you came here to work on and achieve in your life.

More specifically, this workshop will touch on:

  • Saturn in astrology
  • What does Saturn teach us about ourselves, our karma
  • The phases of Saturn
  • Saturn by sign
  • The Saturn Return at age 28-30


  • Saturday, September 30
  • 2 pm New York, 11 am Los Angeles, 7 pm London, 5 am Sydney (on 10/1)
  • Via Zoom video conferencing
  • $30 USD, includes MP3 recording


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