We’re coming off a Pisces Full Moon and we’re feeling extra sensitive. Maybe our intuition is in overdrive, we’re feeling a little ungrounded, or we had problems sleeping. It makes for a bit of an energy hangover, so take care of yourself today.

The counter to Pisces is the sign of Virgo. As an earth sign, it connects us to terra firma, feet to the ground as well as the here and now. As wide eyed and spacey as Pisces can get, it finds its anchorage with Virgo. It’s a wake up, brush your teeth, and get ready for the day kind of sign.

Mars is also in Virgo this month, so we’re really feeling a push to double down on the details. If you’re feeling tossed about by the energetic storms and floods of Pisces, take time to reconnect to your body today. Feel, touch, and taste. Make a list of what you need to do and organize. Go for a walk or a run as well. Mars in Virgo loves fitness and exercise.

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