It’s Virgo Season! Time to get organized! While the sixth sign of the zodiac lacks some of the pizzaz and glamor of Leo, it’s next door neighbor, you can’t fault Virgo for being the master of getting stuff done. So, break out your to-do list, we’ve got things to accomplish.

With Mars also in Virgo this month, September may feel like Virgo on steroids. Is it clean enough? Is it perfect enough? Is there a plan?? Mars can be a little obsessive and singularly minded at times. Plus, it can be prone to overwork in Virgo. (Something to be mindful of if you have workaholic tendencies.) Instead, try to channel Mars’s verve and vigor towards taking positive strides in your health and fitness.

Another thing to keep in mind this month is the eclipse energy. Yes, the eclipses were in August, but they marked the sky, creating a vortex that the planets will interact with at points over the coming months. If August seeded an energy as well as a story, then Mars, Mercury, and Venus will weave new threads and chapters as they pass through this charged point in the sky this month. We may see some twists and turns as a result.

The thing about change is that it often inspires deeper reflection. The Pisces Full Moon on September 6 will be a time to look at our humanity, our collective suffering, our collective emotions. Pisces is a reminder that we’re all connected and we’re lost unless we find compassion for each other.

Lastly, Pluto will turn direct on September 27. This has a habit of dragging up themes around power, control, and facing the darker threads in ourselves. As Pluto will remind us, we’ve been in a state of unbelievable change since Pluto first entered Capricorn in 2008. We must evolve. We must transform. There is no other choice.

Read for your Sun and rising sign.

DATES TO NOTE: 9/2 Mars trine Uranus; 9/3 Mercury conjunct Mars; 9/5 Mars in Virgo, Mercury Direct 28 Leo, Sun opposite Neptune; 9/6 Full Moon 13 Pisces; 9/9 Mercury in Virgo, Sun trine Pluto; 9/12 Venus trine Saturn; 9/13 Sun square Saturn; 9/15 Venus sextile Jupiter; 9/16 Mercury conjunct Mars; 9/17 Venus trine Uranus; 9/19 Sun opposite Chiron, Mercury opposite Neptune, Venus in Virgo; 9/20 New Moon 27 Virgo; 9/22 Sun in Libra, Mercury trine Pluto; 9/24 Mars opposite Neptune; 9/25 Mercury square Saturn; 9/27 Jupiter opposite Uranus, Mercury opposite Chiron; 9/28 Pluto Direct 16 Capricorn; 9/29 Mercury in Libra, Venus opposite Neptune.


March 21–April 19

Aries Glyph

Was August a bit of a wild ride? With Mars, your ruling planet, playing a big role in the eclipses, it’s safe to say that life’s been a bit topsy-turvy. Think of it this way: eclipse energy is like the Wheel of Fortune. As the wheel spins, life can suddenly launch you in a new direction. And, now that’s it’s September, you may be in a different place from where you started August. If you’re still standing, it’s a good reminder that this month is Virgo Season, a time in your zodiac calendar that’s all about putting life into order, taking responsibility, and getting on top of the details of daily life. When Mars arrives in Virgo on September 5, it’s crunch time. Start with making a list. What are your number one priorities for work? What projects need your attention? Where is there a mess you need to clean up? Diet, fitness, and nutrition will also be a focus and you may feel a push to get back to the gym or eat better. Mars in Virgo may also give you some perfectionist tendencies as well as you work hard this month to get things right. But just as you need to get your physical life tidy, the full moon on September 6 says you need to get your spiritual life tidy as well. Falling in the sign of Pisces, the full moon will show you the things you need to let go of. Recuperation, rest, meditation, and quiet reflection will also be a big theme as well. For a sign so self identified with action and command, September may press a few buttons with its energy of surrender. Take it in stride, Aries. You can’t always move forward. There will be times in your personal calendar when it’s about the things that are much bigger than you. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Health, wellness, diet, fitness, nutrition, how you take care of the body, order, details, practicality, getting grounded, getting back to earth, getting real, schedule, work, service, spirituality, letting go, endings, retreat, reflection, the unconscious, sleep, recuperation, meaning, existential questions.


April 20–May 20

Taurus Glyph

Are you nesting? Laying low? Spending more time at home? With Venus, your ruling planet, pulling you inward for much of this month, it’s all about getting back to your roots. And what’s more symbolic of your roots than the home? It creates the vessel for your life, the foundation that everything rests on. With that in mind, take a critical eye to your home and living situation. Does it need some TLC? Some much needed organization? Or do you need to move? August’s eclipses gave this area of your life a jolt and, as a result, you may feel extra motivated to make a change in where you live. It didn’t help that Mars was making noise in the home as well, so August was probably anything but relaxing. The good news is that Mars will move into Virgo on September 5, turning a bit of focus on fun, play, romance, and creativity. (Is your idea of fun organizing your closet? Sorry, bad Virgo joke.) Mercury will also turn direct the same day, so if you’ve felt like things haven’t been 100% settled, September will start to put things into better perspective. That said, the full moon on September 6 will shine a light on friends, community, and the groups you affiliate with. You may have a decision to make about someone you’re connected to. On the flip side, you may feel inspired to reach out to your social network and help others. The full moon will also have you looking ahead as in where do you want your life to go next? What is your vision for the future? It’s a big time for you, Taurus. If the eclipses were any indication, you’re at a big crossroads personally. And this month will push you to figure some things out, especially once Venus catches up to the degree of the solar eclipse on September 18. A day later Venus will arrive in Virgo, pushing you even more to get organized, get healthy, clean things out, and focus on the details. So, don’t forget to sketch out a plan this month. If anything, a well crafted to do list to take you through all the recent ups and downs. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Creativity, self expression, performance, identity, fun, romance, community, friends, social connection, networks, groups, belonging, service, the future, hopes, wishes, home, nest, roots, foundation, emotional security, needs, family, inner circle.


May 21–June 20

Gemini Glyph

Phew! Mercury, your ruling planet, turns direct on September 3, which means you can spend the month pushing out instead of pulling in. But here’s the interesting bit, Gemini. One one hand Mercury will switch gears in the sign of Leo, cranking up the passion, the flair, the need to express yourself, and share your ideas. On the other hand, Mercury will station direct right on the very spot that the solar eclipse in August landed. In short, September may usher in some changes as eclipse energy (even when it’s a few weeks in the past) turns the wheel of fate. It’s a door for one phase of your life and another. I know how fast you like to move, Gemini. So life may start moving very fast indeed. Good thing you’re used to juggling things as they come. Let’s not forget that September is Virgo Season, a time in your personal calendar when the spotlight shines on getting organized and tending to the practical details of life. It’s also the time when the Sun is moving through the bottom of your chart, a place that speaks to roots, foundation, home, and family. As a result, you may feel an urge to nest, spend time with loved ones, or tend to home projects. That said, Mars will also be in Virgo and Mars is anything but peaceful and relaxing. The home or the nest may be a bit noisy in September, from remodeling, renovations, or issues with neighbors to a move to a new home. Speaking of restless, the full moon on September 6 will activate your career sign of Pisces. If Virgo is a time to look at your inner world, then the full moon will also make your outer world a priority as well. September may bring news in your professional life, from a career move to a change in responsibilities or title. The full moon will also touch on a story that’s been building for the last couple of months. Where do you need to make a radical change in your life? Where do you need to make a break from the past? Do you need to start thinking about taking your career in a very different direction? It may take until later this month for you to answer that question when Jupiter faces off with Uranus on September 27. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Home, family, roots, nest, foundation, emotional needs, connection, inner world, moves, changes in home, changes in living situation, relationships, transformation, breaks, confrontation, evolution, awakening, career, public life, outer world, reputation, status, title.


June 21–July 22

Cancer Glyph

Did last month’s eclipses ring your bell a little bit? As a child of the Moon, whatever happens to the Moon touches deeply on the core of who you are. And what are eclipses but times when the Moon is either blocked out by the Sun or blocks out the Sun all together. So you’re entering September saturated by the energies of change and transformation. Falling in the signs of Aquarius and Leo, the eclipses stirred up themes around money, financial stability, trust, intimacy, and facing your fears. Note that even though the eclipses have past, their energy is still very much active, like an electricity in the air. That said, September is Virgo Season, a time in your personal calendar when the spotlight is on travel, from trips around town and just beyond to journeys to far flung lands. In fact you may be booking a trip or headed somewhere on a plane, especially around the full moon on September 6. If you can’t travel, then certainly your curiosity will be in overdrive. This may be a month when you’re exploring the mind, from reading up on different subjects to exploring other philosophies and cultures. You may even be looking to go back to school or take a class. In short, September will be a busy month. Use Virgo’s natural talent for structure to get things organized. By the end of the month you may feel a pull towards the home, one of the places you feel most comfortable. And that Virgo energy will be well served by tackling projects in the home or getting your nest tidied. Lastly, Pluto will turn direct on September 28, pulling up a narrative around relationships, power, and shadow. In fact, relationships has been an area you’ve been doing a lot of work on since 2008 (yep, nine years). What’s changed? What still needs to change? Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Communication, information, writing, thinking, speaking, the mind, learning, classes, school, education, university, travel, the neighborhood, siblings, foreign travel, long distance journeys, other cultures, beliefs, philosophy, worldview, relationships, other people, social interaction, interpersonal skills, home, family, career, status, direction.


July 23–August 22

Leo Glyph

Hoo boy! August was quite the month, wasn’t it? Not that you’ve ever shied away from the dramatic, but two eclipses plus red hot Mars in Leo definitely made for an interesting birthday season. It’s quite possible that something changed in your life as a result seeing how eclipses have a time honored tradition of making stuff happen. (Note that the eclipse energy still carries a charge — an emotional, physical, and psychic charge — and there will be days this month the planets will activate the eclipses. For instance, Mars and Mercury will meet up with the solar eclipse degree in early September, propelling a story forward that began last month. Just keep this in mind in case there are a couple of bumpy events around September 3–5.) That said, Mars will change signs on September 5, moving out of Leo and into Virgo. Over the coming weeks you’ll be feeling extra motivated to get your material needs secured, sort out your money and finances, or buy the things you need in order to feel stable and grounded in life. After August’s rocky energy, you could use Virgo’s cool headed, rational energy. Start by making a list. What are your priorities this month? What do you need to figure out, get done, organize, and clean out? Virgo is practice makes perfect and the planets are helping you turn a discerning eye towards the things you’ve accumulated in your life. Venus will catch up with the eclipse energy on September 18 and you may be thinking about a change in your career, responsibilities, or direction. Just in time for the new moon on September 19. Time to get real, Leo. Yes, you’re a sign that usually likes to keep it light, but the astrology is pointing you toward getting your act together. This may include making lasting changes to your diet, habits, or how you take care of your body, especially when Pluto turns direct on September 27. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: You, other people, relationships, interpersonal issues, what you own, material needs, stability, security, money, income, salary, wealth, finance, power, intimacy, sexuality, stuff, other people’s stuff, facing fears, the psyche, transformation, letting go.


August 23–September 22

Virgo Glyph

Happy birthday, Virgo! Although it’s time to celebrate, maybe you’re not super feeling it. As you step into a new year, the eclipse energy plus a Mercury Retrograde has been pulling you behind the scenes to rest, recuperate, and generally reflect on where your life is headed. It’s been a little emotionally heavy to be honest. Now that it’s September, the winds are starting to shift. Mercury, your ruling planet will turn direct on September 5. Hurrah! But it will turn direct on a very sensitive point — the exact degree of the August 21 solar eclipse. In simpler terms, this means that the first few days of the month may bring experiences that feel charged or fated. That’s what eclipses do; they open one door and close another. On the same day Mars will enter Virgo, giving you a much needed shot of energy and vitality. Keep in mind that Mars is great for taking action and starting something new if your life, but it also has a reputation for being a bit argumentative. Something to watch for, especially after Mercury enters Virgo on September 9. While the spotlight is on you this month, it’s also on relationships. The full moon on September 6 will bring up events with a partner or turn your attention to how you interact with others. With Neptune a strong player in the full moon, watch your boundaries with people. While it’s good to want to help others, be careful not to lose yourself completely. The energies of the Moon plus Neptune also speaks to illusions and you may need to face your illusions with the full moon. Beyond the full moon, there’s a strong push to make some changes this month. Perhaps it’s the eclipse, there energy still present in the astrology of September, but it’s also Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus on September 27. This prickly face off has been off and on since last November and it’s been forcing you to cut ties with the past, make a change in how you interact with people, and potentially sever emotional ties. Similarly, you may have seen a lot of changes in your relationships, home, and family this year. This last opposition will be a wrap up of a story that’s been going on the last ten months. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: New beginnings, you, the body, the self, taking action, other people, relationships, interpersonal issues, fighting, arguments, partnership, finding consensus, sacrifice, surrender, break from the past, awakenings, breakthroughs, emotional earthquakes.


September 23–October 22

Libra Glyph

As you come to the end of another personal year, you may be in a reflective mood. After all, Virgo Season is naturally a time in your calendar when you pull back from the world and look for answers within. When you survey the last eleven months, what have you learn? What are you ready to let go of in order to start fresh? September will be a bit of an existentially minded time, especially once Mars arrives in Virgo on September 5. If Mars is action, then the plot this month will be happening in the quiet moments such as dreams and meditation. Careful not to exert yourself too much. Instead, use the energies of the full moon on September 6 to take a careful look at your physical health, from the food you eat to how you take care of your body. Don’t forget that Virgo Season is a time when everyone has to pay attention to the practical details of daily life, making sure everything is organized and running smoothly — including the body. If your life — even your health — is a little untidy, this is the month to recommit to yourself. Having said that, September isn’t just all work and no play. Venus, your ruling planet, will be in Leo until September 19, stirring up passion, creativity, and fun. Friendships and social connection will also be important themes and you may find yourself working through experiences that touch on your place in your community. Note that Venus will meet up with the degree of the solar eclipse on September 18, a charged point that isn’t unlike a vortex of energy or a gateway. So, even though the solar eclipse was weeks ago, you will have to pass through its energies. As a result, September may bring a personal twist and turn, the sort that carries you in a new direction. The new moon on the following day will again point you in the direction of rest, retreat, and shedding old skin into late October. Lastly, Pluto will turn direct on September 28, dredging up old emotions and old issues around family and emotional connection. With that in mind, that part of September may feel emotionally heavy. Whatever Pluto shows you this month has to be faced and transformed, even if it’s not something you want to look. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: End of the road, retreat, letting go, surrender, dreams, rest, recuperation, withdraw, behind the scenes, the unconscious, breaking old habits, health, wellness, how you take care of your body, how you take care of your soul, getting organized, work, daily life, schedule.


October 23–November 21

Scorpio Glyph

There’s an electricity in the air, Scorpio. Can you feel it? Having passed through August’s eclipses, you may have a keen sense that the great wheel of your life is turning. The eclipses put the spotlight on career and ambitions and, over the coming months, these changes will play out in your professional life. When Mars, your ruling planet, trades Leo for Virgo on September 5, you may see an event or theme that directly ties back to August’s solar eclipse. If solar eclipses are new beginnings, then you’re continuing to pass through the gates of change this month. Mars in Virgo, however, will bring a much different vibe than what you’ve been living since July. You may feel a strong need to get organized, sketch out detailed plans, and focus more on your physical health. Virgo season will also be a time when you’re looking toward your community, spending time with friends, and taking an initiative to make new social connections. You’re also looking toward the future. With your calendar arcing toward the end of the year, culminating in your birthday only a short time away, what do you want to create in the next year of your life? What are your goals? Something to meditate on. Turning to the full moon on September 6, you may have to look at a past romance or something in how you express who you are. Starting in 2018, you’re entering a much different phase of life centered on making big changes in how you interact with people and form relationships. The full moon may show you a theme or even a person that is representative of your past so you can start to look toward the future. Speaking of relationships, the middle of September may bring some unexpected opportunities to meet someone if you’re single and looking. If you’re in a committed relationship, you and a mate will pass through the eclipse energy, which is still active in the sky. As a result, you and a partner will have to take your relationship to a new chapter. Are you ready? By September 19, the new moon will continue to highlight the people in your life — your friends, your network, your community. The rest of the month may be very social as you reach out to make connection with like minded people. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Change, transformation, new beginnings, new direction, career, place in the world, recognition, status, title, community, friendships, group dynamics, network, the future, looking ahead, hopes, wishes, social connection, humanitarian endeavors, romance, relationships, creativity, talent, self expression, performance.


November 22–December 21

Sagittarius Glyph

Let’s look at the big picture, Sagittarius, because there’s a lot of moving parts over the next few months. First, let’s turn to Jupiter, your ruling planet. It’s been in Libra for a year, a sign that’s taught you a lot about social connection as well as beauty, grace, and charm. You may have even seen a lot of changes in your friendships or community over the last twelve months — or at least you’ve had to change how you interact with people. At times it’s been really difficult and you’ve been under intense cosmic pressure to face yourself, your shortcomings, and emotional your shadows, but hopefully you’re on firmer territory than where you were at the start of 2017. Next month Jupiter will change signs, moving into Scorpio for a year long stay. While that’s is a different story for a different horoscope, do keep in mind that you’re wrapping up something this month and assessing all the personal changes you’ve made. Before Jupiter can leave Libra, however, it has to have a face off with Uranus, a planet that’s jolted you awake on more than one occasion this year. Jupiter opposite Uranus is what I like to call the “coming out” aspect. What this means is that you may be feeling a restless force to make a break with anything that falsely describes who you are. It’s a relentless push for authenticity and new ways of thinking and being. So, after all you’ve been through over the past few months, what are you ready to show for it? Two, Saturn is wrapping up its two year stay in Sagittarius. Hurrah! But like having to cram before the final exam, you may be feeling cosmic pressure this month to step up and show how you’ve mastered being an adult since 2015. (You may want to make December 19 in your calendar, the day that Saturn leaves Sagittarius for good.) Having said all that, it’s Virgo Season, and the light shines on your career, your status in the world, and the responsibilities you carry. With Mars in Virgo this month as well, you may feel a little overworked or pressured to make things happen in your professional life. Mars will also help you take action and make new initiatives in your career — especially after the new moon on September 19. This month will also touch on your roots, from the home you live in to your family or the people who are like family. You may have a decision to make about your living situation or you may be working through complicated emotional themes, the sort that you need to face in order to let them go. As I mentioned earlier, you’re nearing the end of something. The more you can clean out old baggage — including the emotional variety — the more you can step into the big new chapter that will take you into 2018 and beyond. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Career, status, reputation, outer world, recognition, professional life, direction, responsibilities, achievement, home, family, foundation, emotional needs, roots, inner world, living situation, transformation, confrontation, awakening, breakthrough, new consciousness, break from the old, pressure, change.


December 22–January 19

Capricorn Glyph

What do you believe in? How do your views shape how you see the world? Ever since Saturn, your ruling planet, moved into Sagittarius in 2015, you’ve been in a two year personal chapter of trying to figure out big questions. This has been a deeply existential time in your life, one that has pushed the boundaries of your faith and your role in the world. On a practical level, Virgo Season is a time for you to put your need for exploration into action. With Mars driving a lot of the narrative this month, you may feel a restless need to experience other cultures and other points of view. As a result, there will be a heavy emphasis on long distance travel this month. Even if you can’t get out of town for a trip, make sure you’re honoring this spirit of exploration by searching for truth in other ways, from taking classes to reading about the world. In short, September will be a philosophical month, one that will take you outside of yourself and put you in contact with different viewpoints. It’s quite possible that you won’t be spending much time at home, instead preferring to get out around town, spend time with friends, and travel afar. Having said that, the full moon on September 6 may bring unexpected news or information, something that sheds light or pushes you to make a change in your direction in life. From another perspective, the full moon may inspire you to work on your intuition and gaining information from sources beyond this physical world. Looking ahead to the new moon on September 19, you’ll be starting a lunar month that will continue with September’s themes of foreign travel, philosophy, knowledge, and education. You may be planning to go back to school or you may be spending the rest of the month out in the world teaching what you know. In fact, after everything you’ve been through in the last few years, you’ve accumulated a lot of hard earned wisdom. Time to share it. Lastly, speaking of hard earned wisdom, Pluto — your old pal — will turn direct in Capricorn on September 28. You know the drill, this long journey of tearing apart your life, rebuilding, and then tearing it apart again. Just keep this on your radar in case you are getting some strong vibes late in September. Make sure you’re engaging in your self care, your inner work, your spiritual alchemy, and your Capricorn vision for creating something even better. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Philosophy, beliefs, faith, worldview, religion, education, foreign travel, long distance journeys, university, school, classes, communication, writing, speaking, learning, information, news, short trips, the neighborhood, transformation, facing your shadow, rebirth, reconstruction, tearing down, rebuilding.


January 20–February 18

Aquarius Glyph

As you step out of the roller coaster energy of August, you may be looking around and surveying the changes. What’s still standing? What’s shifted? Perhaps dramatically so? When you have eclipses in Aquarius as well as Leo, your opposing sign, it’s a sure bet that the great wheel of your life is turning in a new direction. Maybe you’ve gotten into a new relationship. Maybe you and a significant other are stepping into a new story together. Or, maybe you and a partner have decided to end things. In short, you’re in a phase of life that will place a major emphasis on relationships and how you interact with others into next year. But the eclipses were in August, you may be wondering. Yes, but their energy will continue to reverberate outward. In fact, when Mars meets up with the solar eclipse degree on September 3, you may see events or have experiences that feel fated, like a door opening or closing. A couple days later, on September 5, Mars will enter Virgo, taking the heat off relationships and instead turning up the emotional intensity. When Mars is in this sign for you, there’s a tendency to have to look deep into the psyche and face your fears. There’s a push to look at themes around trust, intimacy, and even sexuality for Virgo, in your case, rules over a part of your chart that deals with the things that you only confide in with a trusted confidant. If the eclipses stirred things up in your relationships, September will be a perfect time to get to the heart of what’s wrong, working it through one-on-one or with a therapist. The full moon on September 6 will highlight related themes, touching on trust and stability. It may bring up ideological differences, too. Do you and a mate or a friend see eye to eye? Also keep in mind that Virgo Season is a time in your personal calendar to turn your attention to money and finance, from the things you own to the money in your bank account. In keeping with Virgo’s tidy energy, take time this month to look at bank statements, make appointments with financial advisors, and deal with any tax issues. The new moon on September 19 will give you a chance to bring new energy to this part of your life … and let something go in return. No use holding onto anything that’s not serving you anymore. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Relationships, other people, connection, deep emotions, the psyche, intimacy, facing fears, being real, the shadow, emotional alchemy, rebirth, transformation, sexuality, money, income, finance, wealth, debt, taxes, estate, benefits, legacies, inheritances, trust, stability, material needs, spending, credit, loans, sudden news, ideological differences, philosophy, communication breakthrough, travel, education.


February 19–March 20

Pisces GlyphThe last twelve months have probably been quite something. With Jupiter, your ruling planet, moving through one of the more sensitive and emotionally intense parts of your chart, you’ve had to really face your fears this year. Back against the wall at times, you really haven’t had much of a choice. As the old saying goes, evolve or die. Yes, it’s a bit of a stark reminder, but you’ve not only had Jupiter to deal with, but Uranus and Pluto, too. These two heavy hitting forces demand evolution and transformation. As a result, there have been times throughout 2017 when you’ve had bare your soul, deal with deeply karmic issues, and make a necessary change — hopefully for the better. This month you’ve got one last appointment with the gods of change. Between the Pisces Full Moon on September 6 and a face off between Jupiter and Uranus on September 27, you may feel a big push to make a break from the past or change something deeply personal to who you are. No big deal, right? Like I said, it’s your last appointment. But let’s not forget that September is Virgo Season, a time in your personal calendar when the sun shines on the relationships in your life. With Mars in Virgo as well, things may be heating up between you and another person. If you’re in a committed relationship, keep in mind that Mars tends to be anything but delicate. It can push, prod, and even inflame. So, if there is a long simmering issue between you and a mate, Mars may bring it front and center. On the flip side, if you’re single and looking to meet someone, Mars may give you the initiative and courage to put yourself out there and meet new people. Note that Mercury is retrograde until September 5 and still shaking off the vibes this month, so you may be dealing with an past relationship issue. An old flame may reappear as well. Look to the Virgo New Moon on September 19 to make a fresh start in your relationship story. On the same day Venus will enter Virgo, a planet whose sweet, charming energy will be a boost to your relationships, perhaps calming things down after Mars’s ungracious influence. Lastly, Jupiter will change signs in October, something that only happens once a year. You’re tying up loose ends this month and preparing for the next journey. More on that in next month’s update. Want to learn more about how the astrology of September will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: You, sensitivity, relationships, emotional pressure, openings, compassion, empathy, other people, one-on-one connection, interpersonal skills, socializing, change, transformation, breakdowns, breakthroughs, awakenings, confrontation, end of a journey.

Photo by michael on Unsplash