Mars is now in Gemini and you may be feeling a shift in energy. Mars is action, command, competition, and individualization. Gemini is thoughts, ideas, learning, information, travel, and the duality of choice. Blend these two concepts together and we may be hungry for new ideas and information over the next five weeks, ready to put our words and writing out there. But Mars in Gemini is far too happy to let you know what it thinks and we need to be mindful of aggressive and argumentative Mars tendencies.

Mars also heats things up. And, depending on where Gemini is in your chart, a new area of your life will get a boost in action.

If you are an Aries or Aries rising, the action will come to your mind, thinking, travel, communication, and learning. Things may heat up with siblings as well.

If you are an Taurus or Taurus rising, the next five weeks will heat up themes of money, income, value, the things you own, material and financial security, stability.

If you are a Gemini or Gemini rising, Mars will be a shot in the arm, a wave of vitality, and feeling an urge to take action and start something new or be a leader.

If you are Cancer or Cancer rising, action will come to the unconscious. It will be time to think about endings, retreat from the world, recuperation, and exploring your connection to the mystical and spiritual.

If you are a Leo or Leo rising, you’ll be motivated to explore friendships, make connections to your community or peers, and think about plans for the future.

If you are a Virgo or Virgo rising, Mars will heat up your career. It’s time to think about ambition, your direction, reputation, and standing in the world.

If you are a Libra or Libra rising, it’ll be all about the higher mind. What do you believe? What stories do you tell? Mars will heat up travel, publishing, and education.

If you are a Scorpio or Scorpio rising, Mars is your ruling planet and its arrival in Gemini will turn your focus toward power, finance, wealth, and debt. For you, Gemini is also legacies and inheritances as well as secrets and intimacy.

If you are a Sagittarius or Sagittarius rising, your relationships will heat up. You may be motivated to meet new people as well. Keep in mind your interactions with people may be more aggressive as well as Mars isn’t the friendliest in this area of your chart.

If you are a Capricorn or Capricorn rising, Mars will heat up health, diet, nutrition, and fitness. Make sure you burn off energy the next five weeks. Also note that you may be working much harder than usual.

If you are an Aquarius or Aquarius rising, Mars will be a spark of creativity, a need to individuate, and express who you are through ideas and information. Mars is your career planet and it’ll be time to show off your talents. Children may also be a focus as well.

If you are Pisces or Pisces rising, Mars will pay a visit to your home for the next five weeks. You may feel inspired to start a renovation or home improvement. Mars in this area of your chart may be chaotic, worth noting if you’re the type of Pisces who needs the home to be a place of serenity. This may be a natural time to move as well. Family will be a focus, too.