Happy Gemini Full Moon! This is the time of the year when the spotlight turns to communication — writing, speaking, sharing ideas — movement, and travel. Gemini is a curious sign, too. It needs experiences, options, and one in every color. But full moons force a decision and, as a result, we’re picking a side and a direction. The full moon will be exact on December 13, 2016 at 7:08 pm EST, 22 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius. That’s 4:08 pm Los Angeles, 12:08 am London on December 14, and 11:08 am in Sydney.

Confession. I have a Gemini Moon. I know this lunar energy well, this restless, almost manic need for something new, this compulsion to communicate and share. Further, Gemini has a hard time choosing just one thing; it wants All The Things. I share this because this full moon highlights something I know all too well — the chaos that comes when we scatter our energy in fourteen different places versus focusing on one (or even two) things.

At the core of Gemini is the need to experience life’s multitude of choices. In order to know what to choose, we have to educate ourselves. And, as the sign of learning, Gemini is where we try on new ideas and seek out information. But ultimately even Gemini has to make a choice. After all, it’s the sign of the twins and the energetic polarity that forms the basis of all life — yin versus yang, dark versus, life, mater versus spirit. The full moon is asking, what side are you on?

The full moon comes just a few days after a line up between the Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius. During the conjunction, Saturn showed us a limit, set a boundary, and called on us to take the next step up in our maturity. Saturn gave us the knowledge, too, however sobering. The full moon will put this call into action.

That said, this is an electric full moon. There are a lot of moving parts judging by the aspects to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Chiron —  planets that hint that there is a bigger narrative arc unfolding. Jupiter is our faith, what we believe in, and how we educate ourselves. Saturn is what pushes us to grow up and take on responsibility. Uranus is a spark of consciousness, pushing us to break out of the old. Chiron is a emotional, spirit, and psychic knot that tugs at our heart and soul. There’s a lot of life swirling around this full moon. A lot of our “stuff” is coming up, both personal and collective.

Speaking of stuff, I think it’s really telling that the ruler of the full moon, Mercury, is right up along side Pluto in Capricorn. Two things are happening. One, Pluto is holding a mirror to the karma of our choices. We have free will, yes, but our choices mark our karma. Two, the conjunction means that while we’re taking a deep, uncomfortable look at our choices, we can make new choices, ones that completely break with the past. Mercury is also 3 degrees from Pluto. Saturn is also 3 degrees from the Sun. It will be interesting to see what happens three days after the full moon, on December 16.

In short, this is an exciting full moon because it gives us insights and a new way of seeing things. It’s also an intense full moon because we have to do the Pluto work, we have to transmute the karma of past choices and make new choices in consciousness. The t-square to Chiron says we have to be conscious of the pain and the knots around different parts of our life that hold us back and make us suffer. A lot is going to move over the next few days. Be ready for the insights as well as the release.

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