Happy Sagittarius New Moon! This is the time in the astrological calendar when we turn our attentions to faith, truth, and meaning. Sagittarius is foreign travel, other cultures, philosophy, religion, higher education — anything that shapes how we see the world and our place in it. With that in mind, the new moon will be exact on November 29, 2016 at 7:18 am EST at 7 degrees Sagittarius. That’s 4:18 am Los Angeles, 12:18 pm London, and 11:18 pm Sydney.

What’s faith? What does it mean to believe in something? Faith isn’t just confined to religion and spirituality. It’s the belief that everything will be okay, that the world will be the same when we wake up in the morning. We can have faith in our loved ones, our friends, our community, our government. But what happens when that faith is rocked? Challenged? Or even shattered?

Ever since Saturn arrived in Sagittarius in September 2015 (we got a preview from December 2014 to June 2015), we’ve been chewing hard on this notion of faith. Saturn pushes us to define, to make a commitment, to take on responsibility. And I think, as a result, we’ve all been struggling to make sense of things ever since. In fact, we’ve likely experienced things in the last year or so that really touch on this search for meaning. Saturn says that we have to commit, even if it means making a left or a right.

New moons sets the container for the coming four weeks. It’s the energetic framework for everything that happens both personally and collectively over the lunar month. Yes, Saturn in Sagittarius is really pushing us to define what we believe in this month, but with Jupiter, the ruler of the new moon, forming a t-square with Pluto and Uranus, this isn’t just a decision, it’s a revolution, it’s radical rethink, it’s a break from the past, it’s a breakthrough.

December will be a pivotal time for many people. Whatever has been fermenting while Saturn has been in Sag will come up for serious review. The new moon moon is square the lunar nodes. Events will feel fated, karmic, part of some larger narrative structure. The new moon will square Neptune, too. We have to be willing to admit that what we think is true may not actually be true. We have to confront our karma around our loss of faith and the times we turn our back on divinity or Universality. We may have free will and free speech, but it doesn’t come without consequence.

This isn’t easy energy. But I think it requires a high amount of presence, openness, and consciousness. We have to be willing to look within for answers, redefine what we believe in, or even recommit to our faith after we’ve searched our souls and our conscience. Take time to do the internal work this lunar month. The full moon on December 13 will present you with a choice.

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