Happy Aries Full Moon! This is the time of the year when the spotlight is on action, initiative, leadership, and bravery. As the prototypical masculine archetype, Aries is a sign that inspires us to strike out on our own and assert ourselves. The full moon will arrive on October 16, 2016 at 12:22 am EDT, 23 degrees Aries/Libra. That’s 9:22 pm Los Angeles on October 15, 5:22 am London, and 3:22 pm Sydney on October 16. (Click here for the chart of the full moon.)

Coming off the heals of the Libra New Moon, which began this lunar month, the full moon puts on stark display the inherent tension between Aries/Libra, two signs that touch on the masculine/feminine duality as well as interpersonal relationships. We’re certainly seeing this on the world stage — men versus women, power versus powerlessness, aggression versus respect.

Certainly this full moon puts on display the more complicated, messy facets of the Aries/Libra duality — especially with Venus in Scorpio dragging up everyone’s messy emotions and secrets. But I think the real heart of this full moon is how we interact with people, how we maintain a strong sense of who we are in partnership, and how we say “no”.

In its highest form, Aries/Libra is the give and take between two individuals and the compromise needed to find balance. Yet if we lose ourselves too much in someone else, we lose all sense of what we want and need — we lose something at the core of our identity. Sometimes we have to say no and stick to our guns.

The full moon also highlights a conversation we’ve been having since 2011. Ever since Uranus arrived in Aries that year, we’ve been spurred — sometimes aggressively, shockingly so — to rediscover who we are and push back against the systems or boundaries that confine us. On a macro level we’ve seen revolution and upheaval. On a personal level, we’ve seen the same revolution and upheaval scaled down to the everyday. It’s safe to say that we’re not the same people we were five, six years ago.

In the days around the full moon, don’t be surprised if you’re confronted by a need to say no, to defend your boundaries, to leave a situation behind, to define something that is very personal to who you are, to deeply examine your interpersonal relationships, to dig into themes around the masculine and feminine. With Uranus in the mix, the energy is quick, sudden, and demanding of consciousness. Something may come out of the blue. We may have to make an unexpected break. Or, Uranus spark a breakthrough.

Mars, the ruler of the full moon, is over in Capricorn, coming up to a conjunction to Pluto. Something has to end, transform, transmute. Pluto says its nonnegotiable. Maybe it’s how you interact in relationships that has to shift. Maybe it’s a need to take a stark look at patterns of abuse, shame.

It’s also worth mentioning that the full moon is right on Eris, a recently discovered planet that has the notorious reputation for upending how we look at our solar system. Although astrology is still understanding how Eris works in the chart — it was only discovered in 2003 — I’ve noticed that it’s been shaking at the balance between the masculine and feminine and touching on themes of order versus chaos, androgyny versus anti-androgyny.

Jupiter, still in Libra into next year, is a reminder that our growth is dependent on finding balance and harmony in our lives — especially the balance in how we maintain all our relationships. It’s okay to say no. It’s also okay to find consensus.

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