Happy Libra New Moon! This is the time in the lunar calendar when we turn our efforts toward creating harmony, peace, balance, and beauty in our lives. Libra is the sign of relationships, too, as well as cooperation and consensus. As a result, don’t be surprised if interpersonal connections are a major thread over the coming weeks. The new moon will arrive on September 30, 2016 at 8:11 pm EST, 8 degrees Libra. That’s 5:11 pm Los Angeles, 1:11 am London on October 1, and 10:11 am Sydney, also on October 1. (Click here for the chart of the new moon.)

There’s a lot of interesting things going on with this new moon. First, the new moon initiates Jupiter’s recent arrival in Libra. It’s my feeling that the coming days gives us a clearer idea of what Jupiter’s year in Libra teaches us — growth and opportunity through partnership. But here’s the rub — the energy of the new moon beams over to Venus in Scorpio, a rather intense placement for a planet used to things being calm and genteel. This tells us that, over the coming four weeks, we’re going to be pushed to face our fears, our discomfort around intimacy, jealousy, sexuality, and control. Which is to say that in order to really benefit from relationship opportunities courtesy of Jupiter in Libra, we’ll have to get totally real — real about ourselves, our issues, our secrets, our taboos, our possessiveness, our projections.

The interplay between Libra and Scorpio couldn’t be starker. Libra, bless its heart, is about keeping up appearances. Scorpio, however, is what happens behind closed doors. So, don’t be surprised if something is revealed this lunar month, if there’s tension between what you present versus what’s hidden. But there’s a method to Scorpio’s discomfort. It’s a sign that really pushes us to see things for what they are and make a push that’s necessary for our evolution. Yes, there’s an emotional intensity to Scorpio, but this is where the alchemy happens.

Tucked into this new moon are two major aspects. One, Mars in Capricorn squares off to the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter — Pluto isn’t far behind, too. This means that there’s something provocative about the coming four weeks. Mars incites action, initiative, confrontation. Pluto forces transformation, makes us look at our past, our shadow. Two, Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces make a rather sweet trine to each other. Venus + Neptune is alluring, magical, redemptive, open hearted. As we face our relationship fears through Venus in Scorpio and Sun square Pluto, there’s an opportunity to heal — heal our scars around trust, sex, power, and other people. But we have to be willing to make a change. The Sun/Pluto square on October 7 and the full moon on October 16 will be two powerful moments in this unfolding narrative this month.

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