Note — I received this transmission back in April 2015 as part of a channeled series on each of the signs. Each transmission is meant to be read in order, but at present I am releasing them individually. What these transmissions are meant to achieve is to give people new consciousness around each of the signs and planets as well as reveal astrology through an esoteric lens.

When we arrive in Sagittarius, we’ve balanced our heart against the scales and now we await judgement. It is in Sagittarius that our karma is written based upon our choices in the cycle, which we live out in Capricorn, the following sign. The fires of creation that began in Aries have now reached their apex in Sagittarius, the final fire sign. But for all its judgement, Sagittarius is also redemption. Here the heart can be purified.

If you were born with your Sun in Sagittarius, you are the scribe of heaven; you help record the actions of man. In your highest consciousness you have a deep wisdom for all that is. You are the philosopher, the teacher, the explorer. Nourished by the fires of creation, you seek out new experiences and new ways to understand the great journey through the physical plane. When the Sun is in Sagittarius the fires of creation are preparing for their descent into matter and the start of a new cycle. It is also the final weeks of autumn in the northern hemisphere, the nights are long, and we ready for a new season.

We must recognize when Sagittarius is not in its rectitude. Out of balance Sagittarius takes the place of God on Earth and passes judgement when it is not his or her place to do so. The fires of identity have become corrupt, creating restriction where there should be expansion. In its lowest consciousness Sagittarius is self righteous and zealous. The heart must be purified for it will weigh heavily against the feather and live out the karma accordingly.

To heal the Sagittarius archetype, we must balance our wisdom with humility. Just as Scorpio learned the dangers of unchecked power, Sagittarius must learn that there are things that even it does not know or understand. It must leave room for awe and wonder, create space for miracles. In balance with its opposing sign of Gemini, Sagittarius gets back to basics, replenishes the waters of information, and make new choices accordingly. If the heart is out of balance, Sagittarius can call upon the forces of redemption. And, like a light in the dark, we are reborn in Capricorn.