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Astro Daily: March 23, 2018

We start the weekend with some spicy energy. Venus in Aries comes up to a seductive square with Pluto, showing us the darker side of love, from power and control to taboo. Plus, the Sun and Mars are heating up, bringing issues in our relationships to the forefront.

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Astro Daily: March 22, 2018

Mercury turns retrograde in Aries. Despite wanting to, we can’t rush, we can’t cut corners. Saturn will be keeping a close watch during this retrograde. Everything has to be methodical and to its exacting standards … or we’ll quickly see the consequences.

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Astro Daily: March 21, 2018

What’s your plans for the future? What do you want to achieve? It may be Aries Season, a sign that has us raring to go, but we’ve got some bigger things to hammer out. Plus, tomorrow is Mercury Retrograde. Our plans need a second look.

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Astro Daily: March 20, 2018

Welcome to Aries Season! We begin a new year, a new cycle, and we’re ready to spring forward. Aries is the sign of action and motivation. But with the energy of Aries Season pointing toward Capricorn, we’re taking serious action towards our future.

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Astro Daily: March 19, 2018

Last day of Pisces Season. We’ve come to the very end of the astrological year, having grown through each of the twelve signs. Now it’s time to move on, to be reborn in Aries. Use this liminal day to reflect, meditate, and prepare for a new year.  

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Mars in Capricorn: Sign by Sign

Mars moves into Capricorn, channeling impulse and restlessness into focus and discipline. This is a Mars that will inspire us to lead, take command, and take action toward long term success. But this is also a Mars that can’t cut corners or rush.

Pisces New Moon: Triggered

Pisces New Moon: Triggered

Happy Pisces New Moon! This is the time of the lunar calendar when we pull back from the world, look inward, and seek answers for life’s existential questions. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, one that bridges this life and the next.

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Astro Daily: March 15, 2018

The Moon dives into Pisces, pulling us back into the cosmic ocean. Even as we come up to Aries Season, a time of renewal and new beginnings, we’re still dealing with Pisces’s themes of letting go. To heal, we have to open up to the Universal.

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Astro Daily: March 14, 2018

As we round out a busy Pisces Season, we’re coming up on a stretch of sky occupied by Chiron, a planet that asks us to look at our pain, our psychic scar tissue, the knots that hold us back both personally and collectively. Life is hitting a nerve.

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Astro Daily: March 13, 2018

The Pisces Sun gets a boost from Jupiter in Scorpio, inspiring opportunities for travel, exploration, and education. Together, the Sun and Jupiter are generous, benevolent, giving us a faith that things just might work out. Be open to help and support from others.

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Astro Daily: March 12, 2018

We start the week on a serious note. With the Moon rounding out its time in Capricorn, moving into Aquarius later today, the planet Saturn is calling a lot of the shots. It’s the day to focus on our lives, our future, our responsibilities. Time is running out.

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Astro Daily: March 9, 2018

The Moon wraps up its stay in Sagittarius, kicking off the weekend with a need to explore and wander. Sagittarius loves a good time, but with Jupiter in Scorpio, careful not to overdo it. Additionally, the Moon meets up with Mars, sparking philosophical debates.