Happy Taurus New Moon! This is the time in the zodiac calendar when we turn our attention to the earth, from the soil that nourishes life to the world in bloom. If Aries, the preceding sign, is the spark, then Taurus is the container for that spark to grow. Taurus is flowers, fertility, and abundance. It’s also money and resource and, as a result, this is the season to gather what we need in order to create a comfortable, grounded life. The new moon will be exact on April 26, 2017 at 8:16 am EDT, 6 degrees Taurus. That’s 3:16 am in Los Angeles, 11:16 am in London, and 10:16 pm in Sydney.

One of the things I love about Taurus is that it revels in the comfort of physical existence. It grazes, it tastes, it surrounds itself with nice things. So this is a season when we’re called to move more slowly and enjoy the senses. We’re also called to plant seeds, like a farmer, that will grow into the food and resources we need to thrive. If your relationship with the physical world — and even your body — is a little shaky now, how will you tend to your basic needs? How will you create something new out of Taurus’s fertile earth? How will you nourish yourself this month?

Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, recently spent five weeks in retrograde. During this time, we had to review our relationship to the physical world, from what we spend our money on to how we value ourselves and our bodies. Although Venus is now direct, we’re still teasing out a story from January and February. This new moon will bring a new chapter, one that will cement what we learned about our worth.

What’s curious about the new moon is that Venus is at the very last degree of Pisces, which also happens to be the last degree of the zodiac. Like a clock that reached the final minute before the new day, we’ll be acutely aware of threshold in the coming four weeks. Twenty-nine degrees Pisces is both an ending and a preparation.

Venus is still holding a square to Saturn and we’ll need to check our boundaries this lunar month. If there are things in our lives that are not in alignment with our core values — this could be beliefs as well as relationships — it can’t come with us into the next chapter. Venus Retrograde taught us that the currency of our lives has to shift. Make sure you exchange your money, especially if your currency is based on pain and suffering. Your old dollars won’t work.

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