Happy Libra New Moon! This is the time in the lunar calendar when we turn our attention to connection. As an air sign, Libra is all about partnership and cooperation and our experiences over the coming four weeks will be seeded with this energy. Libra is also beauty, harmony, grace, charm, and equality. With that in mind, the new moon will be exact on October 19 at 3:12 pm EDT, 27 degrees Libra. That’s 12:12 pm Los Angeles, 8:12 pm London, and 6:12 am in Sydney on October 20.

New moons are like a reset. They turn the page energetically and provide us with with a new lens in which to experience ourselves and our lives. When we have a Libra New Moon, we’re now seeing the world through the lens of relationship. Libra is a sign that teaches us not only to be social, but to find common understanding through our connections with other people. This could come through serious relationships like marriages and committed partnerships or through our daily interactions. Libra also demands that everyone make nice and for that it’s diplomacy as well as etiquette.

The coming Libra lunar month will push us to take a look at our relationships — all of them. Are we taking the time to understand where others are coming from? Are our relationships nourishing or exploitative? Are our needs being met or are we neglecting the needs of others? Life is a compromise.

Normally Libra tends to lean towards sweet and accommodating, but a couple of tense aspects built into this new moon means that, to borrow a phrase, that people will “stop being polite and start getting real.” We have major evolutionary work to do on how we treat other people over the coming four weeks.

With an opposition to Uranus plus hard aspects between Venus and Pluto as well as Mars and Saturn, something will have to change in our relationships. We may experience something shocking or confrontational. We may see a relationship for what it really is — toxic, manipulative, abusive, one sided. Or we may decide a major change in not only how we interact with people but how we respect and relate to them. Uranus demands recognition and awakening. Pluto demands that we look at something we’d rather not look at. Mars and Saturn demand boundaries.

The real star of this new moon is an exact opposition between the Sun and Moon to Uranus. This is an earthquake. A revelation. I like to call Uranus oppositions the “coming out” aspect. We can’t keep something in anymore. We have to be true to who we are.

That said, this is a tough lunar month. Something deep and personal may boil to the surface. But the energies of Uranus and Pluto are merely helping us to change something for the better — it just requires work and the light of consciousness. Don’t shy away from what you are seeing this lunar month and take the time to see how your relationships are reflecting something within you. Resolve to do things differently and set new boundaries.

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