Happy Leo New Moon! This is the time in the zodiac calendar when we connect with the energy of joy, passion, creation, and the pleasure of being ourselves. Over the coming four weeks, the spotlight will be on how we express our individuality and allow ourselves to radiate. The new moon will be exact on July 23, 2017 at 5:45 am EDT, 0 degrees Leo. That’s 2:45 pm Los Angeles, 10:45 am London, and 7:45 pm Sydney.

New moons are new beginnings. They mark the start of a lunar month as well as a monthly reset of energies. But a new moon at 0 degrees, the first degree of a sign? It means that the coming weeks will be seeded with a raw power, bright and fresh.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo is a sign already know for being bright. Leo inspires, it shines. And it doesn’t matter if we’re a Leo or not; we all have the sign somewhere in our chart, a place that we return to replenish ourselves with the energy of creation.

When we look at the chart of the Leo New Moon, we see Mars just a degree off of the Sun and Moon. The planet Mars, know for its heat and quick temperament, is a catalyst for these new moon energies. We can’t forget Uranus either. Out of sign but still in orb, a Uranus square will ignite a restless need to make a change, reinvent, or start over in the coming weeks. So, get ready to hustle because Mars and Uranus will light a fire.

With the lunar nodes in Leo and Aquarius, something that has repeatedly been coming up in client sessions is this question of identity. So many of us are holding back, afraid to shine our true selves. Use this new moon as well as the forthcoming eclipses on August 7 and 21 to really open up to the fullest potential.

Take a tip from Leo and shine like the Sun.

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