Happy Leo Full Moon! Happy lunar eclipse! This is the time in the lunar calendar when the spotlight is on identity, passion, joy, and creativity. Leo, as a sign, helps us to celebrate and share ourselves with others, to individuate and make our mark. With that in mind, the full moon lunar eclipse is exact on January 31, 2018 at 8:27 am EST, 11 degrees Leo/Aquarius. That’s 5:27 am in Los Angeles, 1:27 pm in London, and 12:27 am in Sydney on February 1.

Full moons highlight a tensions of opposites. With the Sun in Aquarius, we’re in a season of exploring our connection to the whole. This could be something as broad as humanity or the collective. Or it can mean something as familiar as our friends and the community that we’re apart of. Aquarius is the group. Leo, on the other hand, is the individual. Ruled by the Sun, Leo leads, it gives life, it shines brightly.

Ever since the eclipses moved into Leo/Aquarius back in February 2017, we’ve been in a time of collectively moving towards Leo. Which is to say, with the North Node in the sign of Leo, our work, our destiny is to strike out on our own, to celebrate ourselves, to find our passion and joy, and cultivate our talents.

Eclipses are imperatives. They push us in a new direction. A common message from Spirit during my client reads of late is that without joy, passion, and creativity, our lives lack our fundamental connection to Source. And Spirit wants to remind us that we’re all here on this planet to take the spark, take the light of the Creator, and live it every day. Of course we have to honor our place in the fabric of humanity through the sign of Aquarius, but we can’t forget that we are the light of the divine made flesh through Leo. Take pleasure in life, take joy in creation.

In the chart of the eclipse, we find the Sun and Venus on the South Node in Aquarius. Over the coming days if not weeks we’ll have to look at the shadow side of Aquarius, which is every time we thought we weren’t good enough, where we separated, were ostracized, kicked out by the group or our community. The shadow side of Aquarius has lost its humanity and failed to recognize the light of the Creator in everyone and everything. We have to take consciousness of the negative Aquarius within and create a new fire, a new recognition through Leo.

Note that Jupiter in Scorpio is square the lunar eclipse. When a planet is square the nodes, it represents something that we need to integrate that is often a bit of a blind spot. Jupiter in Scorpio has been a time when we have to explore the things that make us uncomfortable, the things we keep in the shadows. It’s been a purge of secrets and heretofore hidden shame. Therefore, as we explore the shadow of Aquarius, we also have to recognize our own shadow, our own darkness. And, through the light of the Sun, transmute it for all of humanity.

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