Happy Taurus Full Moon! This is the time astrological calendar when the spotlight is on the basics — food, shelter, money, and the things we need to survive. Taurus also teaches us about fertility and the pleasure of physical life. With that in mind, the full moon is exact on November 4, 2017 at 1:23 am EDT, 11 degrees Taurus/Scorpio. That’s 10:23 pm on November 3 in Los Angeles, 5:23 am in London on November 4, and 4:23 pm in Sydney.

When we reach a full moon, we reach the high point of a narrative that began two weeks before with the new moon. The new moon seeds our reality with themes, energies, characters, and conflict. It sets the stage for our lives and when we had the Libra New Moon on October 19, we entered a lunar month that would take us through a narrative centered on relationships.

If you recall what I wrote, I also noted that our work on our relationships may come with a shocking realization or two. With Uranus a major factor in the energies of this lunar month, our world is shaking, how we see ourselves as well as a how we see a partner is altered. Our reality is shifting.

So, here we are. We’re at the high point of the story. The narrative has reached a boiling point. We’re seeing something for what it is under the blaring light of the full moon. Or, something has happened and now we must make a decision on where to go next.

Taurus hits at the fundamentals. Under the light of the full moon we have a decision to make about the basics of our life. Do we have enough money? Is our life stable or sustainable? Does it allow us to flourish? Are we valuing the right things? Are we valuing ourselves? And, since we’re in Scorpio Season with Mars and Venus in Libra, many of these questions may take place within the realm of relationships and intimate connections.

As I mentioned earlier, Uranus is playing a major role in the astrology of this lunar month. Venus, the ruler of the Taurus Full Moon, is making an exact opposition to Uranus, which means that there may be something shocking woven into this narrative around value, relationships, needs, and stability. Uranus oppositions force something — they force us to see something we may not want to see, they force us to be reveal our true selves, and break free from anything unduly confining us. I call Uranus oppositions the “coming out” aspect. And, as a result, we may be coming out about something with this full moon.

That said, there’s some supportive energy built into this full moon. Saturn is providing a steady hand, hinting that for all the potential ups and downs, there’s a chance to build something new. The Sun and Jupiter’s trine to Neptune will help us have vision. If something has to radically change, open yourself up to a new and better possibility, like a silver lining.

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