Happy Taurus Full Moon! This is the time of the year when we shine a light on the material world, from the fertility of the earth to taking pleasure in all things physical. Taurus is our basic needs, the things we own. It’s security, trust, and value. The full moon will be exact on November 14, 2016 at 8:51 am EDT, 22 degrees Taurus/Scorpio. That’s 5:51 am Los Angeles, 1:51 pm London, and 12:51 am Sydney on November 15. (Click here for the chart of the full moon.)

If the new moon sets the stage for an unfolding story, then the full moon is the highest point in the narrative, a time when we see things for what they really are and make decisions accordingly. The Scorpio New Moon, which began the lunar month, took us into the dark, forced us to look at our fears, our anxieties. We can’t fault Scorpio, though. It takes us through an inevitable facet of evolution — death, rebirth, and the alchemy of transformation.

Now that we’ve been shaken by Scorpio’s energies, we look to Taurus, its polarity. We may be looking for solid ground after uncertainty. We may be wondering who to trust? What to put our value in? How to tend to our basic needs? More importantly, how do we bring fertility and life back after loss? Taurus is a sweet sign. It’s ruled by the planet Venus. It teaches us the importance of preservation in the face of Scorpio’s slash-and-burn mentality. While we do need Scorpio as a means of letting go, Taurus shows us how to hold on and move forward with determination.

When we look to Venus in the chart of the full moon, it’s over in Capricorn. Interestingly, it’s making no major aspects. An unaspected planet is like an off note or a note that overpowers. It’s not necessarily working in harmony with the other planets. So there’s something a little unbalanced about this full moon. There’s a major emphasis on Capricorn — power, ambition, achievement, success, responsibility. Capricorn is also a conservative sign, a sign that wants to preserve the status quo. So there may be a push to consolidate with this full moon, to bring order after uncertainty and upset.

The energy of the full moon also dances over to Saturn in Sagittarius, showing that we can’t escape this major push to define what we believe in as well as define how we see the world. There’s nothing ambivalent about Saturn in Sag. We all have to commit to something — an ideology, a religion, a philosophy. Saturn in Sag is a crusader. And if we’re feeling unsettled or anxious, what’s going to get us back to square one? What’s going to make us feel safe again?

Let’s take the fertility of Taurus and create something new.

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