Happy Scorpio New Moon! This is the time of the year when the lunar month takes us into the underworld. Scorpio is the sign of The Passage, a space that we all must pass though in the wheel of life. Over the coming weeks we’ll be taking a deep look at our fears and anxieties as well as death and rebirth, transformation, intimacy, sexuality, trust, shame, secrets, power, and control — elements of life, however unpleasant, that we all must face. The Scorpio New Moon will be exact on October 30, 2016 at 1:36 pm EST, 7 degrees Scorpio. That’s 10:36 am Los Angeles, 6:36 pm London, and 4:36 am Sydney on Monday, October 31. (Click here for the chart of the new moon.)

Let’s talk Scorpio. Lunar months are fascinating to me as a nerdy astrologer because they set the energy of creation at the new moon and work out the energy of manifestation throughout the 29 day lunar cycle. So, what happens when the energy of creation passes through the lens of shadow, death, rebirth? Heavy stuff, right? But as I mentioned previously, Scorpio occupies a necessary step in our evolution as souls. And of all the twelve zodiac signs, one has to have the honor of encompassing life’s darker material.

We see it in nature this time of year. For those in the northern hemisphere we are steeped in decay. The weather grows colder, the leaves change, and fall to the ground. We celebrate the ancestors and our loved ones who are no longer in physical through All Souls Day (Día de Muertos) and Halloween. Over the coming lunar month, we’ll all be facing our discomfort over the impermanence of life and its inevitable endings. We’ll also be facing our fears as Scorpio is a sign that trades in taboo, secrets, and power games.

Further, a separating yet still active Mars/Uranus squares means that the coming lunar month will be yet another call for awakening and reform. Uranus’s function in astrology is to force an evolutionary process by jolting our consciousness. This new moon says that the realizations we have in November will set us up for the next chapter of our lives. Our taking of consciousness will be fuel for something bigger. And seeing how Uranus can be unpredictable and sometimes shocking, there may be an element of the unexpected this month.

Can’t forget that Venus and Saturn are squaring the lunar nodes, too. A square to the nodes is a demand for resolution on a spiritual, karmic, or evolutionary level. There may be events this month that feel pivotal or even fated. Saturn in Sagittarius plus Venus could bring a clash in values or ideology as well as a need to find balance or common ground.

Lastly, the new moon makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces. It’s easy to overlook trines. Their energy is more of the nature of ideas, inspiration, and vision. Trines are the energy of Sprit that in turns demands manifestation through the squares. Even with the chaotic energy wrapped up in the new moon, there’s still room to dream, intuit, and feel. If the Scorpio New Moon initiates a pivotal lunar month, how do we use the energy of Neptune to manifest? Make sure you make time in the coming days to write out what you want to create . . . as well as let go or transmute during this Scorpio season.

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