Happy Full Moon in Capricorn! This is the zodiac calendar when the spotlight is on all things Capricorn — age, responsibility, structure, and worldly ambitions. As the last earth sign, Capricorn represents mastery over the material and the time it takes for something to mature. With that in mind, the full moon will be exact on July 9, 2017 at 12:06 am EDT, 17 degrees Capricorn/Cancer. That’s 9:06 pm in Los Angeles on July 8, 5:06 am in London on July 9, and 2:06 am in Sydney on July 10.

To get to the top of the mountain, we have endure life’s trials and tests. Capricorn and its ruling planet Saturn teaches us that nothing comes easy and if we want something bad enough we better be ready to put the work in. Capricorn is authority and either we’re stepping up to the position or Saturn, as the cosmic cop, is showing us where we’ve missed the mark.

This is not to paint a dark picture of Capricorn and Saturn. In fact I’m a staunch defender of Saturn (See: In Defense of Saturn) because I appreciate the slow arc of time, knowing that you can’t rush maturity. Saturn, after all, is the planet of time and it marks our life in years not days.

The positive side of Capricorn and Saturn is that it teaches us how to be an adult. We understand cause and effect, we understand the consequences of our actions, making choices accordingly. And, more importantly, we take responsibility for our errors. (As a technical aside, Saturn is exalted in Libra; it understands balance as well as the need for cooperation and compromise.)

This full moon is check in on how well we’re doing this thing called adulthood. Doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 65, we all have to circle back to Saturn periodically, and look at the karma of our actions. (The kids these days have turned adult into a verb, BTW.) Since Capricorn rules over matter, there’s a chance we’ll see this karma in the manifestation of our actions. Make sure you’re paying your bills, showing up for appointments, and delivering on your promises. If you haven’t been, the full moon will bring a need for adjustment as well as a reformation.

Which brings me to Pluto.

Falling just a degree off of Pluto at 18 Capricorn, the full moon will pack a serious punch. Pluto is the mirror of the soul and the many facets of its lived experiences over many lifetimes. So we’re not just looking at the karma of our actions in this life, but karma from multiple lives and how its manifested. The full moon will also oppose Mars in Cancer. Don’t be surprised if you have to confront old emotions, memories, or anything rooted in family, childhood, or ancestry.

Whatever you’re experiencing now has deep roots and it may feel really uncomfortable, but we have to look at it or it will never transform and shift. That’s the beauty of Pluto. It allows us to work on our causal reality and access the energy of the soul. But it means shining a light in the dark as well.

Over the coming days be in your highest consciousness. Meditate on whatever conflict is coming up for you. Look at yourself in the mirror. Be willing to let go because Pluto in Capricorn will draw a hard boundary for us.

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