I received this transmission from Spirit last year just before the Pluto Station. At the time it didn’t seem right to share it with a larger audience, but now it does — especially as we come up to another station. This idea that Pluto is a mirror resonated with me deeply, giving me new perspective into my own experiences with the planet as well as clients. Additionally I see how Pluto acts as a way to understand the causal body — the soul and its many facets.

I should also mention that this transmission was part of a larger series received in 2015 that took me through each zodiac sign as well as the classical and modern planets. One day I will share them as a whole. Until then, enjoy these insights into the function of Pluto.

You are coming to us today to talk about Pluto. Pluto is on your mind because it will make what you call a station tomorrow. You are hoping for a new way to present the information to your readers. The idea is to present Pluto from a space of expanded consciousness. Not everyone can hold this space.

Ah, I get it.

Yes. Yes you do. What we showed you what Pluto’s true function is. It is a mirror into the dark. We must be clear that Pluto is not a force of negativity, but rather holds a mirror to the soul to reflect back its journey through lifetimes. If there is energetic or emotional or astral material that needs to be cleared, Pluto will reveal. That is why a Pluto transit is generally quite difficult. It is time to hold the mirror up. Will you like what you see? Yes, you are understanding. In its highest space of consciousness Pluto helps reveal and transmute. But you must go through the gauntlet first. Look at your fears and transmute. Repeat. You are clearing karma, which is never easy.

We must respond to what you just thought. You had an image of people who have Pluto in hard aspect in their natal chart and the various stories you have heard from clients, some of which have been dubbed “Pluto Problems” by another astrologer. This is a lifetime where they are doing a profound level of work on the soul.

For whatever reason a soul chooses during its journey to push through a block or release a lot of density incurred while in the physical dimension. Density includes emotional traumas, which is like a heavy layer caught in the astral plane that paradoxically impedes and creates growth. Karma is another facet to it. Pluto is one of the three keys available at this time to transmute karma. The other keys are Uranus, which creates separation from the old energetic paradigm and Neptune, which creates compassion and forgiveness. Pluto transmutes. (You just thought and asked about Chiron, which serves a different function.)

Do not think of Pluto as punishment. It is in fact courageous. We are not in physical so we cannot imagine what it means to truly do the work. And we recognize those souls currently engaged in that high level of transmutation. They are loved and supported beyond words. They are not alone in the dark.

What can we learn from the station and the retrograde?

It is a second (sometimes a third) chance to go back and clear the karma. Because the work is quite difficult, it often takes more than one pass. Again, we must recognize those in this level of work. It is truly an act of bravery to gaze at your soul through Pluto’s mirror.

You were thinking about Pluto’s discovery in the 1930s and the rise of negative factions on your planet. Again, Pluto held up a mirror to the collective and what it saw was the dark ugliness of hate that had always been there. When the planet was discovered, the tool was now available to those incarnated and subsequently incarnated in linear time. There was a long stretch of time before any new bodies were discovered. Chiron was discovered in 1977, but it was really in the 1990s and 2000s that the discoveries picked up. You’re thinking of the Trans Neptunians. Yes, new keys are available to you. You’re still bringing them into consciousness. 2003 was not that long ago. Humanity needed time to integrate after Pluto. But humanity needed the mirror. The darkness needed to be transmuted. It cannot sustain.

Not all who read this will understand. Those who have engaged their Pluto in a space of expanded consciousness will. They see beyond the veil. This is a level that is open to everyone. But they must be initiated on the path first.

Yes, it sounds cruel. That is from the perspective of the ego. We have compassion, the utmost compassion for those engaged in physical.

You are not channeling the masters of the work as you’ve been doing. Yes there is a better way to put that but not important. We have revealed to you the teachings of the higher planes. The planets Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto are bridges to them. You can sense the difference in energy. The connection is different. Your body feels different. This is not a merge as you are doing so with the elders of the planets. You are in a new dimension here. Bravo for holding the line as long as you have.

We just showed you shapes. You do not understand them. But you will.