Happy Aquarius Full Moon! Happy lunar eclipse! This is the time in the lunar calendar when we shine a spotlight on all things Aquarius — friendships, community, social networks, and our place in something bigger. If a full moon is a decision point, then a lunar eclipse cranks up the volume. A decision becomes a crisis, something simmering comes to a boil. That said, the full moon will be exact on August 7, 2017 at 2:11 pm EDT, 15 degrees Aquarius/Leo. That’s 11:11 am Los Angeles, 7:11 pm London, and 4:11 am in Sydney on August 8.

Although they have a reputation for misfortune, eclipses aren’t inherently bad. They move along the narrative of our lives, pushing a turn of events every six months as the new and full moons line up with the ecliptic. They are agents of fate and change, activating a particular area of our life depending on the sign it falls in. Eclipses are also harbingers of personal milestones, from new jobs, moves, marriages, and births to even the end of jobs and marriages. If you are an Aquarius, this full moon may put you in the spotlight, turning you and a relationship in a new direction.

For all of us, this lunar eclipse will touch on broader themes. After all, Aquarius is one of the final signs of the zodiac. By the time we reach the 11th sign, we’re stretching out into community and the people we call friends. Aquarius helps us feel like we belong to something … or not as the sign can cut two ways, between connection and disconnection, humanity and inhumanity.

We’ve all felt the loneliness of feeling different, searching for the people that truly understand us. The lunar eclipse may bring this old story to the surface for us to deal with, a story that will unfold over the coming months. But with the lunar eclipse falling opposite Mars in Leo, there will certainly be an immediacy to events this week. There may even be a revelation.

This is a South Node eclipse, too. With the South Node in Aquarius for the next fifteen months, we’re looking at our history as well as our karma with the sign of Aquarius. Old friendships may resurface over the coming months, old group dynamics may play out. We may struggle with issues around community, our social networks, or the tribe we identify with.

Seeing how Saturn, the ruler of the eclipse, is still in Sagittarius, beliefs, philosophy, religion, politics, law, and education will likely factor in as well. Do you and a friend see eye-to-eye? Do you believe in the same things as your community? Are you experiencing a loss of faith? What negative beliefs or mental patterns do you need to let go of? The great wheel is turning.

For all the ups and downs in this eclipse, there’s an opportunity. With Jupiter in Libra forming a tight trine to the Moon in Aquarius, doors may open as others close. Jupiter may bring new relationship or new connection, bringing a warmth to an otherwise emotionally remote Aquarius Moon.

All in all, Aquarius is a sign that pushes us to be ourselves, to be wonderfully weird, and think differently. As much as we’re looking at the past with this full moon, we’re also turning toward the future. Aquarius will help us see beyond the bend and find new ways of thinking in the midst of change and endings.

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