Happy Capricorn New Moon! This is the time in the lunar calendar when we turn to achievement, responsibility, and planning for the future. Now that Saturn has come home to Capricorn, this new moon will bring this planetary shift into focus. With that in mind, the new moon is exact on January 16, 2018 at 9:18 pm EST, 26 degrees Capricorn. That’s 6:18 pm Los Angeles, 2:18 am in London on January 17, and 1:18 pm in Sydney.

Although we’re nearing the end of Capricorn Season, this lunar month renews our chance to start the year with a new mindset, a refreshed sense of personal responsibility, and a committed desire to build something for ourselves in 2018. It’s no coincidence that we write our New Year’s resolutions during Capricorn Season, a sign that teaches us about growing up and making better choices for ourselves — choices that set us up for long term achievement.

Capricorn is also a sign that teaches us about balance and sustainability. If something is fundamentally flawed, cracked, or out of balance, use this lunar month to do the hard work, to asses the structures of your life, and make changes accordingly. As an earth sign, Capricorn puts us in touch with the material world. This new moon will ask you, what are you manifesting? Are you happy with your reality? Are you in integrity with your choices? Do you want to manifest something completely different in 2018?

I’ve felt that this new moon is the real kick off of Saturn in Capricorn, this three year long era of “getting our stuff together.” After the previous three years of Saturn in Sagittarius, which felt like a lot of arguing over who is right, Saturn in Capricorn brings things into reality. Plus, there are six planets in Capricorn with this new moon. Be ready to step up this month; Capricorn sets a higher standard.

Additionally, we’re taking a serious look at our relationship with time, responsibility, rules, and boundaries this month because everything is under Saturn’s scrutiny right now. Saturn is the parent, the cop. Saturn teaches us the power of saying no. And if we don’t learn to say no, someone or something will say no for us.

This new moon comes with a bit of a jolt, a potential for surprise, and the unexpected. Making a tight square to Uranus, the new moon will show us that, despite Capricorn’s penchant for structure and tradition, we have to be willing to toss aside the rules that no longer work. We may feel torn between maintaining the status quo and turning it on its head. Or, we may have our status quo rankled this week, something that shakes us awake. But, with Mars playing a supportive role to the new moon, whatever does happen may prove to be a silver lining in the end.

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