Mercury arrives in Taurus and we’re starting to pull out of the Mercury Retrograde shadow. We’re still in review, looking at events and choices from early April. Do we still value the same things we did a month or so ago? Given the chance, would we choose differently?

While it’s good to check in on the individual planets, it’s also important to take a look at the bigger picture. Depending on what Sun sign you are (and rising, if you know it), there are likely much greater forces at play. For instance, one of the defining energies this month is Mars’s creeping opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius, which will be exact on May 29. If you are feeling a sense of uncertainty — especially if you are an Aries, Scorpio, Gemini, or Sagittarius — the Saturn opposition is a boundary. We either hit our limit, Saturn as this sort of cosmic cop, telling us that we can’t go past a certain point, or we reach a personal milestone after much hard work. Mars in Gemini may like to race around and try all the things, but under Saturn’s watchful gaze, we all have have some decisions and commitments to make.

Another point to make, and this may be a little technical, is that there’s a lot of “12th House” energy in the sky right now. Mercury and Venus, two personal planets and rulers of the Sun and Mars, are all behind the Sun. This makes for more receptive, feeling things out, mulling this over, and letting go kind of energy. I think that starts to change later this month and into June with things really heating up the first few weeks of July with a potent Capricorn Full Moon conjunct Pluto. This is going to be a summer (or winter if you’re down under) with a lot of changes.

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