Mars in Cancer building some emotional steam this week as it bounces off Jupiter and Pluto. In fact, we’re fresh off a Cancer New Moon. It’s all about how you’re feeding yourself on all levels. This week you may be drawing a line on what nourishing you and what’s not.

Pluto energy may feel confrontational at times, but it’s a planet that helps us face the things within us that are not working so that we can make a change. If Pluto is a mirror, it shows us the totality of ourselves. And since Mars is in Cancer, a water sign, there may be a strong emotional or ancestral component to what’s not working.

Give Mars an outlet this week; it’s a planet that needs action. Go to the gym, go for a run, or even let out a primal scream. With Mercury in Cancer, too, this may be a time to have a deep, revealing conversation about how you really feel. Like I said, Pluto has a habit of revealing things.

In the meantime, the Moon is in Leo today, giving us a preview of August’s eclipse themes. It’s all about creativity, self expression, and identity. Don’t hold back. Let yourself shine.

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