Happy Cancer New Moon! This is the time in the calendar when we turn our attention to the things that that give support — home, family, roots, and emotional connection. New moons are new beginnings and this one will be inviting us to turn over a new leaf in our living situation, how we plant ourselves, and how we express our feelings. The new moon will be exact on June 23, 2017 at 10:30 pm EDT, 2 degrees Cancer. That’s 7:30 pm Los Angeles, 3:30 am London on June 24, and 12:30 pm in Sydney.

Cancer is the mushy heart of the zodiac. As a water sign, and the first one at that, Cancer teaches us about primal instincts and emotions. If you know someone who is overprotective of someone they love, then you’ve come into contact with the energy of Cancer. It’s feelings on a personal level with a strong sense of tribe and loyalty.

The Moon is right at home in Cancer, the sign that it rules. Sensitivity is unfettered. Everything is nostalgic. We look through old photos, we get lost in memories. We eat foods that remind us of home or a specific time in our lives. If we’re missing care and emotional support in our life, we may be suddenly cranky, brimming with infantile rage, pissed off that we’re not getting what we need.

Speaking of pissed off, when we look at the chart of the new moon we see that the Sun and Moon are part of a stellium (aka a grouping) of planets that includes Mercury and Mars in Cancer. Mercury brings voice to our emotions. Mars gives it power and heat. Our tempers may be running high this lunar month, especially as old feelings and memories get dragged up.

This new moon also kicks off our Summer of Mars (or Winter of Mars if you’re down under). The upcoming lunations — particularly the eclipses this August — will feature a strong Mars signature. Mars is active, aggressive, not afraid to take the lead and go after what it wants. We may be on the emotional defensive or offensive this month, especially as we build up to the full moon on July 9. This energy will take us into September and October.

Use this assertive energy in a positive way. Talk about how you feel. Get your needs met and fulfilled. Gather your tribe. Secure your living situation by moving or putting down roots (that means unpacking the boxes from three years ago). Most importantly, nourish yourself this month.

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