A Libra Moon takes us into the weekend, highlighting partnership, cooperation, and even beauty. Venus, the ruling planet of Libra, teaches us about the sweetness of life. Take pleasure, which won’t be too difficult with indulgence minded Jupiter in Libra, too.

However, the Moon will bounce off Pluto and Uranus into tomorrow, which can make for waves, especially in our interpersonal relationships. If an issues comes up with a partner or mate, it’s because something need to change — and it starts with you.

Later on Saturday the Moon will move into Scorpio, a sign that doesn’t pull its punches when it comes to inconvenient truths, trust, and emotional intimacy. With the Leo Sun and Mars still hot in the sky, this may make for a little bit of an explosive combination into Monday. Scorpio has a habit of pulling things to the surface, especially the sort of things we’d rather keep hidden. Plus, it’s our first check in with what this new lunar month is all about.

Lest we forget, it’s eclipse season. Stuff’s already moving and shaking.

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Photo by Michał Grosicki on Unsplash