With four planets in Capricorn, there’s a fair bit of emphasis on all things Capricorn right now — duty, responsibility, boundaries, and the the power of saying no. But it’s Venus in Capricorn that’s teaching us about currency, from our worth to what our worth can buy.

Capricorn, after all, is the sign of matter and manifestation. Ruled by Saturn, it creates the foundation and structure of our world. It’s even our bones, skin, and teeth. Capricorn is very real world, a sign that instinctively understands the rules of life and the slow march of time.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this stellium of planets the past few days. In its highest expression it’s powerful, commanding. It’s mastered (Saturn in Capricorn) as well as negotiated (Venus) the material world. It’s aware (Pluto) of the highs and lows of life and the shadow work needed to transmute the self. In its lowest expression, we’re caught in negative patterns, especially negative patterns around relationship, power, and worth. But Pluto, as the mirror, always gives us an opportunity to look at ourselves and make a change.

Do your alchemical work today. Look at your soul in the mirror. Put light on your negative patterns. Use the energy of Pluto to transmute, to send it back to Source with love. Use Pluto to help you discover your own power to change.

PS — Today is Empowering Astrology’s 8th birthday! And its having its Venus Return. For all you astronomy nerds out there, every 8 years Venus returns to the spot that it was in the sky, something that is called a synodic cycle. So, over the course of 8 years, Venus’s orbit draws draws a perfect rose with its orbit. This is why Venus is the pentagram or five pointed star. You can see the orbit of Venus mapped out in this YouTube video.

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