Venus is the planet of love, relationships, balance, symmetry, design, and peace. We all have Venus somewhere in our chart and when we known what sign she is in, it reveals what we both attract, value, and how we relate to others. (Don’t know where your Venus is? Check out this table.)

Here’s a very brief key to Venus through the signs:

Venus in Aries — You value competition, action, and leadership. You show your love with passion and fire. Your shadow Venus has a hard time seeing things from other people’s perspective, impatience.

Venus in Taurus — You value stability and security. You show your love through acts of pleasure and sensuality. Venus is at home in fertile, earthy Taurus. Your shadow Venus is overindulgent. 

Venus in Gemini — You value wit, intelligence, and charm. You show your love through flirtation, playfulness, and curiosity. Venus is at its most talkative here. Your shadow Venus fills up on candy instead of the main course.

Venus in Cancer — You value sensitivity, emotional security, family, and a beautiful home. You show your love through gentle acts of kindness, cooking, and nurturing. Your shadow Venus overprotects, is too sentimental. 

Venus in Leo — You value art, play, passion, and fire. You show your love through romance and generosity. You love to be number one or showered with attention. Your shadow Venus is pride and diva like behavior.

Venus in Virgo — You value perfection, cleanliness, and order. You show your love through selfless acts of service. This is a humble placement for Venus. Your Venus shadow is subservience in relationships. 

Venus in Libra — You value relationships, balance, and connection. You show your love through acts of beauty and harmony. Venus is at home in Libra. Your Venus shadow is overly concerned with appearances, the surface.

Venus in Scorpio — You value honesty, realness, and intimacy. You show your love through your do or die commitment and loyalty. Your Venus shadow uses love as a means of personal gain and power, not to mention a deep jealous streak.

Venus in Sagittarius — You value philosophy, exploration, the exotic, and knowledge. You show your love through generosity, freedom, and big heartedness. Your shadow Venus sometimes looks toward greener pastures in relationships.

Venus in Capricorn — You value commitment, dedication, and playing by the rules. You show your love by taking charge, getting things done, and making sure life goes according to plan. Love and relationships tend to follow a traditional narrative. Your shadow Venus can be a little rigid, cold.

Venus in Aquarius — You value friendships, freedom, intelligence, doing things completely differently, and being the oddball. You show your love by teaching a mate the power of being yourself. Venus likes a lot of space here and likes to break the rules, make new ones up. Your shadow Venus can be a little distant in relationships.

Venus in Pisces — You value compassion, music, art, and soulful connection. You show your love with selfless acts of service and kindness. Here Venus is looking for a spiritual connection. Your shadow Venus sometimes gets caught in the fantasy of love and relationships.