We start the week off on a powerful note as the Libra Moon picks up on the Sun, Venus, and Pluto, all aligned in Capricorn. Negotiation, cooperation, and connection are key. We have to take responsibility and make a change. Pluto’s influence makes it unnavoidable.

Thankfully we have a few sextiles to smooth the way forward. It’s easy to miss sextiles, a 60 degree connection between two or more planets. Sextiles are quiet, they help, they make things agreeable. And while I wouldn’t normally write about sextiles, they lighten some of the heaviness of the January 9 conjunction of the Sun, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn. They show we have assistance as we go through Pluto’s energy of transmutation.

A lot of our work this week will be around relationships, from the structure of how we connect to others to how we negotiate boundaries. I’ve noticed that Venus in Capricorn is very “no”. As in, no this doesn’t work for me, no, I don’t have time for this. In its highest expression, Venus in Capricorn knows its worth and won’t settle for anything less. Pluto’s presence in the mix shows us the times we didn’t hold ourselves to that higher standard, that we didn’t have good boundaries in relationships. Time for something different.

This week also brings us to the end of Mercury’s retrograde period in Sagittarius, coming up to the degree it turned retrograde back on December 3. We’re closing out that chapter, tying up loose ends around truth, faith, and the integrity of our word. Mercury will enter Capricorn on January 13.

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