We’ve got an airy start to the week. As the Moon rounds out its time in Gemini, it’s picking up support from the Sun and Jupiter. We’re chatty, busy, social, and thinking big. But Mercury is coming up to 29 Capricorn; we’ve got some big things to figure out today.

Mercury has actually been spending a long time in Capricorn, so we’re wrapping up a story that began in early December. In Capricorn, Mercury has to learn to master choice and understand how its choices manifest in the physical world. After all, we live in a causal reality. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Every choice, every thought, every movement ripples outward and has an effect. In Capricorn we learn what the effects are.

Speaking of choice, we’re building towards Friday’sĀ full moon. It’s also an eclipse and lunar eclipses have habit of pushing decisions, showing us a situation in its full light. Falling in the sign of Leo, there’s a strong urge “to be me” with this eclipse. Leo says, don’t sell yourself short. Find that spark, that light within that sets you apart and share it with the world.

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