Welcome to Aquarius Season, a time in the calendar when we experience life through the prism of equality, fraternity, and turn our attention to the the needs of humanity. When we get to Aquarius we’re nearing the end of the zodiac. It’s no longer about the self. Instead Aquarius is big picture, abstract, and looks to the future after the achievements of Capricorn, the previous sign. It’s science and technology, it’s community and groups.

This season is tempered by Saturn in Sagittarius. As the ruling planet of Aquarius, its placement in Sagittarius puts heavy emphasis on faith, meaning, philosophy, and religion. Sagittarius is the sign where our experiences and what we’ve been taught influence how we see the world. In these times, it’s more important than ever that we try to see things from the perspective of other cultures, other viewpoints, and even other religions. Sagittarius is, in its highest expression, the explorer, the one who is on a quest for knowledge.

But the main event is February’s two eclipses, a lunar eclipse in Leo on February 10 and a solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26. The first is fiery, dramatic. It’s the first eclipse in Leo since 2008–2009 and herald a shift in collective direction after two years of eclipses in Virgo. If Virgo said our collective direction must be through service, work, organization, and getting clean, then Leo is a reminder that we all have creative talents and gifts, we all have something to share with the world. Yes, Leo’s shadow side is vain and narcissistic, but in its highest it’s proud, artistic, and individualistic.

The second eclipse — a solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26 — will kick off a new lunar month deeply focused on compassion, empathy, and serving the needs of others. Pisces self sacrifice couldn’t be any more different than Leo’s flair. But we must find balance between the two. How will we honor ourselves, our joy, and our creativity against the needs of the collective, the needs of Spirit?

Note that eclipses coincide with turning points and major life events. They happen every six months and they propel the narrative of our lives into the next chapter. If you’re a Leo, you’re in the spotlight (yes, even the “shy lions”). If you’re a Pisces, it’s about other people right now. This includes being very aware of how you take on too much and absorb the energy and emotions of others. We all have to find balance this month, but especially you.

Lastly, I want to point something out. Mars is in Aries for the entirety of February and will make a series of stressful aspects during the last week of the month. While certainly there are positive, healthy expressions of Mars in Aries — courage, valor, action, determination — it’s easy to see the not so positive expressions. In fact, Mars has a habit of being violent or warlike in Aries. I say this not to create negative consciousness, but us for witness and work harder in February to channel Mars in its positive polarity — action with consciousness. When we understand how our actions impact others, then we are less likely to do harm.

DATES TO NOTE: 2/1 Mercury sextile Chiron; 2/2 Mercury square Jupiter; 2/3 Venus enters Aries; 2/5 Mars trine Saturn; 2/6 Jupiter Retrograde, 23 Libra; 2/9 Sun sextile Uranus; 2/7 Mercury enters Aquarius; 2/10 Full Moon 22 Leo (Lunar Eclipse), Mercury sextile Venus; 2/11 Sun trine Jupiter; 2/14 Sun sextile Saturn; 2/16 Mercury sextile Mars; 2/18 Sun enters Pisces; 2/20 Mercury sextile Uranus; 2/21 Mercury trine Jupiter; 2/22 Mars square Pluto; 2/23 Mercury sextile Saturn; 2/25 Mercury enters Pisces; 2/26 New Moon 8 Pisces (Solar Eclipse), Mars conjunct Uranus; 2/27 Mars opposite Jupiter.


Aries Glyph

With Mars’s late arrival in Aries at the end of January, you’ll start the month off energized. Mars, after all, is your ruling planet and Aries is a place that it feels right at home in. On one hand you’re ready to leap forward. On the other, you may be a little impulsive or even hot headed. Nevertheless, you’ll be feeling energized in February. Use this energy wisely. In other news, Aquarius season will shine a light on community and friendships. This will be a natural time to connect with others who share your views. If social connection is something you feel is lacking, how will you use February to find camaraderie? Understanding? Another thing to note is that this month will kick off another round of eclipses. With the lunar eclipse on February 10 highlighting the sign of Leo, you’re moving into a bigger chapter where it’s all about your creativity, your talents, and how you express who you are. In fact, the lunar eclipse will activate a dynamic lineup of planets that will really motivate you to take a risk, to break out on your own, and create something new. We all have talents, Aries. Even if they are quiet and overlooked. Your job this month is to take inventory of what sets you apart and find the confidence to share it. And let’s be honest. After everything that’s happened the last couple of years, you may have had your confidence shaken. The level of changes you’ve experienced or what has been demanded of you is unprecedented. Again, find the Leo within you this month. Find your pride, your joy. When Mars meets up with Pluto and Uranus from February 22–26, you may be in for some more rattling. Speaking of which, the Pisces solar eclipse on February 26 will reactivate a process of internal searching and letting go you’ve been doing the past couple of years. This isn’t a time to delude yourself. The illusions have to come down. The unconscious aspects of yourself need to become conscious. In order to take advantage of February’s fire and confidence, you’ll have to look at where you can be your own worst enemy. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: The self, personality, action, vitality, movement, renewal, new beginnings, creativity, talents, self expression, children, play, joy, breakthrough, confidence, transformation, the shadow, ambitions, power, retreat, recuperation, the unconscious, blindspots, spirituality, mysticism, meditation, endings, letting go, relationships.


Taurus Glyph

When the Sun is in Aquarius, the Sun shines its light on career, status, and success. So this is natural time in your yearly calendar when you’re out in the world and taking on professional responsibilities. But you may want to call February a contrast in opposites. While this is a time when you’re at your most visible, Venus, your ruling planet, is spending February tucked away in a very secluded part of your chart. You may feel pulled between your duties, your career demands and your need to pull back from the world. With that in mind, make sure you carve out some alone time or sacred time that allows you to nourish your spirit. Mars’s journey through this part of your chart may make you low on energy or needing to sleep more. In addition, the full moon on February 10, a lunar eclipse, will bring matters to a head in the home or with family. Since eclipses work in six month cycles, you may have a move planned in the coming weeks or a change in your living situation. Nevertheless, things will be happening behind the scenes for you this month. That said, the solar eclipse on February 26 is helping to close out a chapter you’ve been unraveling since late 2015, one that touches on community, friends, and your social networks. You may have even had to sacrifice for the needs of others — good if you’re into humanitarian work and social justice. The question you may find yourself asking, how do you need to change how you connect to others? Interact with groups? Friends? The solar eclipse may bring a change in how you connect to others. With the energy of the eclipse pointing to Libra, it’s all about work, service, and health this month, too. Other area that will be a focus this month is relationships. With Mars playing off Pluto and Uranus in the last week of February, you will have some relationship loose ends to tie up, especially deeper, unconscious issues that you project onto others. When Mars joins up with Uranus on February 26, time to cut the old cords and prepare for something new in March. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Career, reputation, the public, responsibilities, direction, ambition, going behind the scenes, retreat, rest, recuperation, endings, spirituality, the unconscious, dreams, intuition, meditation, mysticism, sleep, fatigue, community, groups, friendships, social connection, social network, relationships, letting go, home, family, roots, memories, emotional security, moves, living situation, transformation, breakthrough.


Gemini Glyph

Pack your bags, Gemini. The Sun is shining its light on your travel sign this month. As a result, you may be planning a long distance trip or have your eye on foreign shores. If you can’t travel then certainly education and communication will be a focus as Aquarius will invite you to teach others what you know as well as publish your ideas out into the world. Or you may be looking at continuing your education in some way, from going back to school to workshops and specialized study. The lunar eclipse on February 10 will bring educational and travel matters to a head. You may hear unexpected news around that time, too. That said, relationships will be another major focus this month. In fact, you’ve been in a longer stretch of time, courtesy of Saturn, where relationships have required a lot of scrutiny, commitment, and attention. Normally Gemini likes to play things fast and loose, but other people have been putting pressure on you to step up. It doesn’t matter if you are single or in a committed partnership, your interpersonal skills are getting a workout. And this month you’ll have to take a big look at what you believe in and how it impacts your social and intimate connections. When Jupiter, your relationship planet, switches direction on February 6, you may feel a big push to make a change in a partnership or romantic relationship. Jupiter’s tangle with Uranus and Pluto will likely feel confrontational. Again, something will have to evolve in how you connect with other people; Uranus and Pluto demand it. Saturn wants you to get serious, too. Additionally, Mars will stir things up within friendships and alliances. In short, February will be a busy month with lot of social interaction and a natural desire to get out and see the world. Just make sure you’re taking the time to listen, Gemini. Lastly, but certainly not least, a solar eclipse on February 26 in your career sign will open up a shift in your professional life over the upcoming six months. This may bring a change in direction, a change in title, responsibilities, or even a change in your place in the world. Note that this solar eclipse will build on a story that has been unfolding in your career since last year. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Travel, long distance journeys, exploration, commute, transportation, beliefs, philosophy, religion, ideology, higher education, classes, workshops, communication, publishing, relationships, interpersonal connection, interpersonal skills, social network, negotiating, seeing eye to eye, friends, community, organization, the collective, the future, aspirations.


Cancer Glyph

Cancer, what do you need to feel safe and secure in the world? After a rocky last few years, your sense of security and stability may be a bit wobbly. As a result, February will ask the deep questions. It will push you to look within and examine your fears, your anxieties — uncomfortably so. But there’s a point to discomfort. How else will you know something has to change? Easy triggers for you, Cancer, are home, family, and connection and they will likely come up this month. So, if you’re digging in your psyche in February, you may want to schedule some self care — either time with a trusted confidant or an appointment with someone who will help you heal the body as well as the soul. On the upside, Jupiter has been lending a hand lately, helping you to tend to your roots, expand the home, or make a move. When Jupiter switches direction on February 6, however, you may have to confront old beliefs about home and family — beliefs that have been getting in the way of you feeling secure and grounded in the world. (To be fair, Cancer, you have a tendency to hold onto things. Maybe that’s your leap of faith this month.) Then, on February 10, a lunar eclipse will put a spotlight on money, your material life, and what you value. Again, stability and security go hand in hand with home and cold hard cash. Do you need to make some money changes? Ask for a raise? Come up with a new way to earn a living? Which leads me to career. Mars will be heating up your career sector this month. This will be both a boost to public profile and a two year career peak. As a result, you may feel inspired to launch something into the world or take a bold step in profession, it will also be a time when you’ll have to reexamine whether you want to keep taking your life in the same direction or make a change. Mars will bounce off Pluto on February 22 and Uranus on February 26, dates that you may feel pushed to reinvent yourself. How will you use this energy this month? How will you be courageous? Lastly, the solar eclipse on February 26 will place a major emphasis on education over the coming months. You may be looking to go back to school or learn more about the world — which could bring in travel opportunities. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Facing fears, anxieties, the shadow, rebirth, intimacy, emotional security, foundation, stability, material security, money, finance, income, debt, benefits, estate, legacies, work, health, schedule, getting organized, fitness, diet, nutrition, tending to the body, work, career, place in the world, reputation, status, title, profession, new directions.


Leo Glyph

Let’s look at some big picture stuff, Leo. This month is eclipse season, after all, a time when life has a tendency to shake up. Doors close while others open. What makes this eclipse season more important than usual is that the eclipses are going to start activating the signs of Leo and Aquarius. Wait, I’m a Leo, you’re thinking. Yes, Leo. Your life is about to shift gears. The lunar eclipse on February 10 will turn the spotlight on you as well as the other people in your life. As a result, you may be stepping into a brand new chapter with a partner or relationship, a story that will likely play out over the coming year. This may be a time in your life when you embark on new relationship milestones, get in a major relationship, or decide to leave one behind. Nevertheless, this is in a time in your life when you have to find balance between your needs and the needs of other people. We also can’t forget that you’re also in this bigger cycle around talent, creativity, and identity. Yes, as a Leo, you’re already naturally talented and larger than life (unless you’re one of those “shy lions”). Maybe February is the month that you publish your writings or put on a performance, a major creative endeavor you’ve been tinkering with since last year. Children are also a form a creativity and you and a mate may be thinking of making an addition to your family. Another area of focus this month will be travel. Mars will be taking you very far from home, either on a long distance journey or a move. You may be exploring other cultures or surroundings quite different from what you know. If you can’t travel, then certainly explore the world through books and other educational opportunities. Lastly, the end of February may be a bit rocky. Between Mars hitting Uranus and Pluto from February 22–26 and the solar eclipse, also on February 26, your emotional stuff will come up. It truly is a leap a faith to face your emotional shadow. The solar eclipse will help you let go. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: You, personality, new beginnings, other people, relationships, connection, partnership, milestones, negotiating, finding balance, travel, long distance journeys, higher education, school, faith, wisdom, philosophy, publishing, creativity, talent, performance, self expression, children, anxieties, fears, facing the shadow, emotional material, triggers, home, family, foundation.


Virgo Glyph

As a Virgo, you naturally understand that life requires planning, ritual, an attention to detail. So, when the Sun is in Aquarius, it’s the time in your personal calendar when you return to many of the qualities that make you a Virgo. Yes, it’s is work and service, but Virgo also health, wellness, and diet. With the energy of the planets pointing towards Saturn this month, it’s good to take consciousness that physical health and emotional health go hand in hand. You may remember that Saturn has been in your sign of home and family since September 2015, pushing you to make the foundation of your life rock solid. Family and emotional connection is the glue that keeps life together. Even if you are separated from your family of origin, Saturn says this is a time to cultivate the people who are like family and who provide emotional stability and security. When that’s tended to, your physical health is supported as well. That said, you may be feeling the weight of time this month as well as a heavy responsibility to matters in the home. Mars will also be heating up issues surrounding assets, legacies, estates, and benefits, pushing you to take action with financial matters. Mars may also be stirring up deep emotions and anxieties, especially around issues of life and death, intimacy and vulnerability. With health highlighted this February, it’s also important to talk to someone you trust, someone you can open up to about what you are feeling. Finally this month is eclipse season and the lunar eclipse on February 10 will move the narrative toward retreat, rest, recuperation, and spirituality. Where do you need to let go? Where do you need to find a personal connection to the mystical? Then on February 26 a solar eclipse will activate your relationship sign of Pisces, an area that’s seen a lot of big changes over the last year or so. Relationships don’t always come easy. We have to learn to interact with others, value the needs of others, and negotiate common ground. The solar eclipse will be a final reminder, after all these eclipses, that life requires us to give our best to other people. It requires quiet acts of devotion as well as unconditional love and selflessness. Just make sure you are taking care of yourself, too — body, mind, and soul. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Work, service, health, wellness, diet, nutrition, taking care of the body, routine, schedule, innovation, home, family, stability, emotional security, foundation, relationships, partners, social interactions, sacrifice, letting go, hospitals, recuperation, retreat, rest, withdraw, behind the scenes.


Libra Glyph

Even though it’s Aquarius season, a sign that points you toward creativity, self expression, and even romance, it’s hard to miss Mars stirring things up in Aries, your relationship sign. On one hand, you’ll feel extra motivated this month to make connections and partner up, especially after Venus arrives in Aries on February 3. On the other, Mars in this part of your chart isn’t exactly known for its charm or diplomatic tone. As a result, you may have a few blustery interactions with people this month, from disagreements to people testing your Libra cool. Yes, this is a time to take action in a relationship, but channel the highest expression of Mars by using it to find common ground and common value. (Heads up, Mars will make a series of stressful aspects at the end of the month, bringing a relationship issue to the forefront.) That said, the full moon on February 10 will put the spotlight your collective relationships, from friends and groups to community. You may have a decision to make about your social network, one inspired by a need to strike out or make a change. Once the Sun moves into Pisces on February 18, part of the narrative this month will turn toward work as well as health, diet, and fitness. Pisces is an area of your chart you’ve had to do a lot of releasing over the last year. The solar eclipse on February 26 will be a good time to take a serious look at your addictions, your illusions. Pisces has been known to cast a spell of glamor of daily life. What is a mirage? What is real? And if you are sensitive to food or toxins, this will be a good month to make a lasting change to your diet. Are there even toxic relationships that you need to release? Lastly, Venus, your ruling planet, will turn retrograde on March 4. You’re going to be doing a lot of relationship digging over the coming weeks. Something will have to shift. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Self expression, identity, ego, creativity, children, performance, talent, relationships, partnerships, interpersonal skills, social interactions, enemies, friends, social network, community, groups, the future, looking ahead, aspirations, work, daily life, schedule, getting organized, diet, fitness, nutrition, service, addictions, illusions, letting go, shedding.


Scorpio Glyph

Time to get to your roots, Scorpio. With the Sun at the bottom of your chart for most of this month, February is a time to nest, pull back from the world, a focus on strengthening the foundation of your life. And this Aquarius season is a reminder that you’ve been doing heavy lifting with money and material stability since 2015. Scorpio is already a sign attuned to financial wealth and security, but Saturn’s long term influence has made this a priority and will continue to do so this year. What do you really value? Don’t be surprised if you’re making serious purchases for the home or hammering out a financial framework to take you into the coming years. Having said that, the lunar eclipse on February 10 will put your career, your public life in the spotlight. If you’ve been working hard to achieve something, this may be the month you receive recognition. But eclipses also have a habit of changing the narrative, so February could bring a change in direction, title, reputation, or career — one that touches on money and an aspect of your daily life. By the end of the month, with the Sun coming up to a solar eclipse on February 26, you’ll be taking a serious look at how you express yourself and how you share your talents. With Pisces and the South Node wrapped up in the eclipse, you’ll need to do some shedding. Then again, you’re a Scorpio. You’re used to letting go of the aspects of self that no longer work. Speaking of which, Mars will make a series of bumpy connections to Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter from February 22–27. In order to move forward with your ambitions and reach your successes, what needs to radically change? Lastly, Mars will be heating up your chart’s sector of health, wellness, diet, fitness, and nutrition. You gotta take care of that body, Scorpio. Just be careful you’re channeling healthy Mars this month and not the version of your Mars that is a workaholic — which is why it’s so important to tend to your emotional core this month. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Home, family, roots, connection, foundation, emotional stability, nurture, care, inner circle, the world, public life, reputation, status, career, success, recognition, direction, ambition, responsibility, work, projects, daily life, daily grind, schedule, ritual, organization, health, wellness, fitness, diet, nutrition, action, renewal, identity, self expression, talent, creativity, romance.


Sagittarius Glyph

Hey Sag. You’ve been under a lot of pressure. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, has been in a high stress dance with Pluto and Uranus that has been putting you through your paces. This is why you’ll want to pay attention to the days leading up to February 6. On that day Jupiter will station retrograde, something that it does once a year (no need to worry). But what makes this change of gears notable is that it will do so while facing off with Uranus, a planet that demands breakthroughs and authenticity. Uranus in opposition to a planet is often like a coming out of the closet. It can feel restless and confrontational, but necessary. There’s something that you can’t hold back anymore. You need to be free, you need to make a change. And that’s how you will open February, with one eye toward the horizon, not only thinking about how your ingenuity will get you to the next chapter of your life, but taking appropriate action. With the February 10 full moon turning the spotlight on higher education and how you see the world, you may have a decision to make about a long distance trip or the next step in your education. Seeing how the moon will touch on publishing as well, you may be entering a time when it’s about getting your (many) ideas out into the world. Plus, Mars will be in Aries in February, which means that this will be an excellent time to focus on your talents and creativity. The solar eclipse on February 26, however, will round out a series of eclipses that has been shaking up the foundation of your life. You’ve likely seen changes in home and family over the last year or so — or a change in how you connect on a deeply personal level. With Neptune playing a big role in the solar eclipse, there’s a story that will unfold about needing to make sacrifices for the people closest to you. The solar eclipse will also help you release painful memories and anything that has been keeping you from rooted in life. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Travel, movement, information, learning, education, the neighborhood, writing, communication, higher education, publishing, foreign travel, long distance journeys, world view, beliefs, philosophy, religion, law, identity, self expression, ego, creativity, performance, talent, children, fun, romance, risk, pressure, breakdown, breakthrough, change, transformation, home, family, responsibilities, sacrifice, emotions, memories, release.


Capricorn Glyph

It’s all about stability and security this month, Capricorn. With the Sun shining a light on the material world, from what you own to the money you make, you’re keenly aware of what you need right now. And let’s be honest, Capricorn is a sign that definitely understands the importance of the material world and the responsibilities required to keep life running smoothly. The full moon on February 10 will highlight your wealth and assets — as in the money and resources that you can pull from outside sources. You may be taking a serious look at bank statements this month, making appointments with financial advisors, estate planners, or even working with a partner’s assets. Since you’ve had to make a lot of changes the last few years, some of which have been born out of crisis, you may be looking at money from more of a reactive place — how will you build or even rebuild for the future? The other area heating up this month will be home and family. When Mars dipped into Aries at the end of January, it made things a bit noisy and restless in the home. You may be moving, dealing with an issue with family, or taking action with a personal issue. What Mars is really digging at, which plugs into issues of material security, is what you need on an emotional level to feel secure, nurtured, and safe. Mars is a bit reactionary though, so you may be dealing with things that push deep emotional buttons. Keep an eye out for the end of this month. Mars will touch on Pluto and Uranus from February 22–27. The emotional intensity will dial up. Make sure you’re on top of your self care game then. At the same time, a solar eclipse will activate your chart’s sector of communication and travel. Over the coming days and even months, you may making a major change in how you communicate with the world, how you listen, speak, and even learn. That said, a lot is happening behind the scenes this month. Make sure you rest and get what you need. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Material security, stability, stuff, money, income, purchases, finance, resources, wealth, assets, debt, taxes, partner’s income, estates, legacies, wills, death and rebirth, endings, the psyche, facing fears, transformation, home, family, roots, memories, foundation, emotional security, emotional triggers, moves, changes in the home, new beginnings in the home, unexpected events in the home, communication, education, learning, travel, movement, information, news.


Aquarius Glyph

Happy birthday, Aquarius! You teach us the power of innovation and looking toward the future. Seeing how your ruling planet, Saturn, is still hanging out in Sagittarius this year, you’re still pushing out into the world, socializing, and realizing the importance of community as you celebrate another year. If you’re still feeling shaky with friendships or finding with your tribe, set some big intentions to cultivate new connections as you blow out the birthday candles. The astrology says it’s time. In fact, speaking of other people, the lunar eclipse on February 10 will signal the start of a two year chapter where you and your relationships will be top priority. Eclipses change the narrative and during this period you may start a serious relationship, form a major alliance, shift gears in an existing relationship, or end a relationship. Relationships, regardless of whether they are romantic or not — force us to compromise and find middle ground. So it’s less about you right now — sorry, I know it’s your birthday — as much as it is adjusting to the needs of other people. And the eclipse may bring a big decision along those lines. The other area of focus this month is travel and communication. With Mars heating up Aries, your travel sign, you may find yourself running around this month, going to appointments, commuting back and forth, on the phone, and fielding emails. It’s a chatty time and, as a result, you may have something to say. Just make sure you keep your cool as Mars has a tendency to anything but diplomatic. You may have something powerful or controversial to say when Mars bumps up against Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter from February 22–27. At the same time, a solar eclipse will place a major emphasis on money, income, and material security over the coming months. Is it time for a shift in how you make your money? Do you need to go back to school to do so? Do you need a radical shift in values in order to make things change? Big things to ponder this year. Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: You, other people, interpersonal connection, relationships, partnership, cooperation, community, friendships, groups, social networks, the future, hopes, communication, talking, speaking, writing, ideas, education, classes, workshops, higher education, university, philosophy, religion, worldview, money, income, material security, stability, value.


Pisces Glyph

Pisces, you’re another sign that’s likely in need of a hug. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, has been caught between Uranus and Pluto, two heavy hitting forces. As a result, you may feel like you’re having to face your fears and look deeply into themes of trust, intimacy. And Jupiter is your career planet. How does your direction in life need to evolve? How are behind the scenes power games pushing you to the next level? Note that Jupiter will turn retrograde on February 6, bringing many of these themes to the forefront. How will you break free? Reinvent yourself this month? That said, Aquarius Season is the time in your personal calendar when you pull back from the world, rest, and reflect on the year before celebrating another birthday. So, with all the emotional and psychic material kicking up, maybe taking a step back to integrate and find stillness isn’t such a bad thing. In other news, Mars is heating up your money sign of Aries this month, giving you drive and motivation to earn more money and achieve material security. Mars can also bring a sense of crisis or events that demand action, so it’s best to be offensive with your material needs this month instead of defensive if you can. Speaking of the material world, the full moon lunar eclipse on February will put the spotlight on your daily life and work. With Saturn up in your career sign into the end of the year, the lunar eclipse will push this story around that’s been unfolding since last year. In fact, you’re in a bigger chapter of your life, Pisces, where you have to really cement your place in the world, which means taking on more responsibility and defining the role or title you want professionally. The lunar eclipse will push you to take action. And with Jupiter, your career planet, already shaking things up with Uranus and Pluto, whatever action you take may be huge in terms of how it impacts your life. Then, on February 26, there will be a solar eclipse in Pisces. Yes, eclipses are big news, especially when they fall in your sign. Think back to March and September 2016. Your life may have been at a crossroads then. It’s at a crossroads now. Which direction will you take? Want to learn more about how the astrology of February will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Evolution, transformation, shadow, psyche, facing fears, anxieties, the unconscious, emotions, intimacy, trust, power struggles, security, stability, money, income, salary, financial needs, material needs, debt, taxes, other people’s money, unexpected events, career, direction, professional reputation, ambitions, responsibilities, the self, renewal, endings, shedding, letting go, sacrifice, compassion, empathy, service.