We start the week with an Aquarius Moon, one that shows us life through the lens of friendship, community, and social connection. Aquarius, an air sign, is also quite intellectual. As much as today may be about socializing, it’s also about big ideas.

We’re also coming to the last stretch of the lunar month, which means that, energetically, we’re wrapping up old stories, we’re reflecting instead of acting. The next lunar month starts on April 15 with a fiery Aries New Moon, one that will come with a side of Uranus and Pluto. These two planets, Uranus and Pluto, really want us to make some big changes, especially if they are overdue. Don’t be surprised if your experiences in April are topsy-turvy, inspirational, unconventional, or force you to make a dramatic left turn.

Use this week to rest and ground. The fire energy of Aries likes to move fast and things may be moving quite fast after April 15.

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Photo by Sean Patrick Murphy on Unsplash