Happy Aries New Moon! This is the time in the lunar calendar when we kick off a new cycle. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries takes the lead. It moves things forward. It’s action as well as the courage to start anew. The new moon is exact on April 15, 2018 at 9:57 pm, 26 degrees Aries. That’s 6:57 pm Los Angeles, 2:57 am London on April 16, and 11:57 am in Sydney.

Nothing like an Aries Moon to really get things going. As a fire sign, Aries moves fast. It ignites, inspires, and motivates. But, like fire itself, it can quickly spread and consume.

There’s a physicality to an Aries New Moon. It’s a sign that needs exercise and competition, from running and weights to sports and endurance. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the energy of this new moon, make sure you do something physical, even if it’s calm and grounding like yoga or pilates. This energy needs to move. And with this powerhouse line up of planets, you’ll really want to work with this new moon positively and in consciousness.

First, let me explain what we’re working with.

The Aries New Moon is conjunct — astrology speak for in the same position — the planet Uranus. Now, Uranus has been in Aries since 2010-2011, kicking off revolutions both personal and global. We’ve had to start over more than a few times. We’ve had breakthroughs. We’ve had our thinking altered, our consciousness awakened. We’re very different people than we were seven years ago.

This new moon moon, in many ways, represents a culmination of our work during Uranus’s journey through Aries. Meaning, whatever changes kicked off in 2011, whatever revolutions began, will have their denouement during this lunar month. In short, what you started working toward in 2011 will come to a climax in the coming four weeks. Are you ready for the big reveal?

Even more, the new moon points its energy over to Mars in Capricorn, a sign that injects seriousness and responsibility into the mix. And thank goodness for Capricorn because it’s a sign that’s a bit slow-and-steady-wins-the-race versus Aries’s impulsiveness. Further, Mars is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, so while we may be pumping the breaks with this new moon, it’s Pluto that’s creating a very hard boundary.

When we put this together, this lunar month will be seeded with powerful new beginnings, one that may draw a line between an old life and a new life. We may feel a rebirth, a transformation from the proverbial fire. We may feel restless and motivated to make a change. Although unpredictable, Uranus has a tendency to show us what’s holding us back and demand we let it go.

Mercury also turns direct on the day of the new moon, adding to an unsteady energy. Information may pour out as a result. Plus, that Mars-Pluto combo has a tendency to be volcanic, pulling up emotions and releasing suppressed energy. If we’re looking for a do over, this is our new moon.

Some tips for working with the energy of this new moon. Again, exercise is your friend this lunar month. Of course, be very aware of your body lest you create an injury. Second, fire needs air, so make sure you’re breathing long deep breaths. Lastly, challenge your thinking of yourself or how you see the world. Try something new, especially if it’s out of your comfort zone.

Another thing to be aware of is that Aries, in its negative expression, has a tendency to be argumentative and aggressive. You may be itching for a fight. You may have a bout of road rage. Try not to burn everything down with this new moon; instead, taking time to meditate or go for a walk. Mars, thankfully has support from Neptune, reminding us to channel the higher expression of Mars — positive breakthroughs and transformation.

Note that Uranus will leave Aries for Taurus on May 15. We’re in the homestretch of a powerful seven year journey to discover our real selves.

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