Now that we’ve arrived at the end of a three year cosmic intervention/reinvention, we may be limping a little. High powered change exacts a heavy toll on the body as well as the spirit. If you’re feeling tired and in need of a little TLC (and maybe a hug, too), here’s a reminder of what’s in your self care toolbox.

Essential Oils — When the astrology hints that we’ve crossed a major right of passage or that change is on the horizon, essential oils are a wonderful way to bring in support. I reached out to my friends at Well Scent, makers of organic essential oil blends, and they recommended Pause for Peace. It’s a custom mix of sandalwood and frankincense, two oils that help to ground and stabilize during chaotic astrology. I’m absolutely in love with the blend, by the way. It has rose, vetiver, ylang ylang, and cardamon in it as well. (Speaking of oils, check out my podcast with essential oil therapist Sharon Slowik.)

The Moon — Yes, the Moon! Observing the lunar cycle is one of the easiest ways to replenish the spirit. When I was going through a Pluto fueled dark night of the soul a few years ago, the new moon gave me the perfect moment to begin again. Taking pen to paper, I wrote out a list of things I needed to manifest in my life. When the full moon arrived, I burned the paper and scattered the ashes. The lunar cycle is 28–29 days and every month we have a new moon followed by a full moon two weeks later. You can create your own rituals around the lunar cycle — candlelight meditations, a circle of close friends — but here are instructions on how to manifest with the moon. Well Scent even has an Over The Moon blend, a mix of blue lotus oil to help you to blossom from the muddy unknown plus rose and geranium to support the heart chakra and third eye.

Crystals — Use amethyst to connect to the higher realms, citrine to rediscover your joy, black tourmaline or lapis lazuli for protection, rose quartz to support a broken heart, moonstone to invoke the Moon, red jasper or hematite to ground, and fire agate to reignite your spark. Charge your crystals in the sun or under the light of the full moon. Clean them with sage or salt.

Bodywork — Nothing gets you back in your body faster than a massage. And it’s not just for relaxation. Massage helps with circulation as well as energy and emotional release. Other bodywork modalities include polarity therapy, cranial sacral, reflexology, acupuncture, and chiropractic care.

Meditation — We live busy, tech saturated lives. What would happen if we turned off the ringer and quietly meditated for 10 minutes? Sacred solitude is as much a part of our self care toolbox as bodywork and it’s cheaper. When our internal compass is strong, we’re grounded in who we are and where we need to go next. Mediation also helps us to connect to our spiritual team on the other side who are here to help us. Here’s how to open up your intuition.

Water — If you’re lucky to live in warmer climates near the ocean, salt water is a powerful way to recharge, clear, and ground. Can’t get to the ocean? Create a ritual bath with salts and essential oils.

Connection — We can’t go it alone in life, especially if we’re in crisis or major transition. Reach out to friends if you are in need. Make a date and invite loved ones over for dinner. Good self care is also knowing when you need to take it one step further and talk to a therapist or counselor.

You can do this!