A recent question from a client about opening up her intuition reminded me of a time when my own gifts were shut down despite my natal chart hinting at a different story. Like my client, I too had a desire to connect to something outside of myself yet not sure how to do it or where to start. In fact, when astrologers would take one look at my natal chart and its heavy 12th House energies, Neptune conjunct Mercury on the Ascendant, Pisces South Node, and chart ruling Jupiter in the 8th, they would ask, “Are you a medium?”

I wasn’t. At least at the time I wasn’t. But this highlights how there can be unrealized potential in the natal chart. So where was my disconnect? (Hint: Saturn squares. Saturn = developmental delay.)

The following suggestions are born of my own experiences and experimentation over the last few years. Opening your own intuition isn’t about developing a party trick to amaze your friends, but rather connecting to something that has always been there, lovingly waiting for you. What would life be like if we trusted ourselves and knew that deep inside us was an untapped source of wisdom? Something to think about.

Intuitive and Psychic Abilities in the Natal Chart

Everyone has the ability to connect to information outside of themselves. Everyone. In fact, one of the leading tenets behind Empowering Astrology is that we should learn to trust our own inner guidance. Yet there are some people for whom this ability comes more naturally. The following list is not a definitive guide to psychic abilities in the natal chart, but it’s a place to start:

  • Strong Pisces or 12th House signature
  • Sun or Moon in aspect to Neptune
  • Neptune conjunct Ascendant
  • Neptune in the 1st House
  • Mercury in aspect to Neptune
  • Strong Scorpio or 8th House signature
  • Neptune in the 3rd or 4th
  • Ruler of the 3rd or 4th in aspect to Neptune
  • Grand trine between 4th, 8th, and 12th
  • Sun or Moon in aspect to Uranus or Pluto
  • Ruler of the Sun in aspect to an outer planet

Neptune is mysticism. It dissolves the boundaries between this dimension and others. Pluto can also manifest as intuitive or psychic abilities, especially when connected to the 8th or 12th. Pluto and Scorpio give you an ability to laser in on the truth like having X-ray vision as well as connecting you to the astral plane. I like to think of Scorpio as ghosts and shamanism and Pisces as channeling higher beings. If you throw Uranus into the mix, I think it gives sudden insight and an ability to connect to information that is often quite technical or futuristic. Cancer, also a sensitive water sign, should not be forgotten, but I like to see the energy paired with an outer planet. Sagittarius should also get a mention because it rules that push we get to explore the world outside of the mundane. As always, you have to take the whole chart into account.

Exercising Your Intuitive Muscles

Like any good Virgo knows, a new skill takes practice and dedication. If we’re all wired with an ability to communicate with Spirit, the connection will atrophy from disuse. So you’ll need to exercise those intuitive muscles!

First, signal to Spirit that you are ready to open the door. You can create a ritual that feels right for you or simply say the words, “I am open to my highest guidance.” Remember, you have free will and they have to wait for your permission to interact. If you feel nervous, it’s always a good idea to set an intention or a goal for this process. In addition, surround yourself with the energy of protection and unconditional love. Envision yourself guides on the other side, cheering you on.

Here are a few suggestions to start the process:

  • Meditation. This is really the most important thing you can do. Usually people groan when I suggest this because they envision having to sit still for an hour while emptying their minds of all extraneous thoughts. Instead, set a timer for five minutes (cell phones have one built in), go someplace where you will be undisturbed, signal to Spirit that you’re ready to listen, and get still. You don’t need to chant or even visualize anything. Just listen to your breath. Do it every day. Make it a ritual. Don’t criticize yourself for “not doing it right.” Just sit. If you’re one of the types who can’t sit still, pair meditation with an activity like going for a walk or doing the dishes. When you get used to these short five minute meditations, bump it up to ten. I’m a very visual person, so I like to envision that I’m going to this sacred place that belongs to me and in this space I can connect to Spirit. Other people like to envision a beautiful, peaceful place, but do what feels right for you.
  • Dream Journaling. Once you give the other side a green light, your guides will try to communicate through synchronicity and signs. Your dreams are also a easy place to communicate so pay attention. Start writing down your dreams in a journal. If you can’t remember them, write that for your daily entry. Soon you will start to remember them.
  • Practice. When you are at the grocery story and there is a display of produce or somesuch, ask Spirit to show you which one is best for you. Although you may not hear or feel anything at first, do that a few times a day and you’ll be exercising your intuitive muscles! You can even practice on a friend where you feel safe to explore.
  • Talk. One of the things I do is talk to my spirit guides and angels even if I can’t hear or feel anything. Having a bad day? Talk to your guides. Need insight? Talk to you guides. They can hear you while you’re learning to listen. The voice will be quiet and gentle. Over time I’ve noticed that information will come between breaths or thoughts, like they’ve been inserted when I wasn’t paying attention. Sometimes I’ll hear one word or a short phrase in response to something I’ve asked or thought. One day, after I was feeling particularly down on myself for gaining weight after a major accident, I quietly heard, “Beautiful.”

Things to Consider

  • There is No Right Way. Everyone is different and will receive information or connect to Spirit in many ways. Just because a famous psychic gets information one way doesn’t mean that that is the only way to communicate. Some people hear Spirit (clairaudience), some people just know things (claircognizance), some people will get visions (clairvoyance), and some people will taste and smell things. Be patient and experiment.
  • Trust. One of the first things people do is doubt what they are feeling or even hearing while trying to connect to spirit. The ego will tell you you are making it up or that you are crazy. But if the information feels right and not coming from a place of shame or criticism, trust it. Ask for validation. Ask for signs that are unmistakable.
  • Sensitivity. The more you open the door, the more you sensitive you will be. You may start to discover that there are things that you can’t be around anymore — toxic people, toxic food, etc. Listen to your body as well as your intuition for guidance as to what is right for you.
  • Fear. Some people fear that by opening themselves up, they are opening the door to the great unknown and thus will be manipulated by negative astral entities. First, take a deep breath. You are in the driver’s seat. Say a prayer or whatever words you need to say to signal that you are only connecting to the highest light. Create sacred space. Ask your spirit guides or guardian angles to assist. I like to call on Archangel Michael. Take a moment to examine where these fears are coming from. Are they from religion? Did something someone said to you to spread fear? Some of you may have past life trauma around connecting to your intuition and so the process of opening will involve dismantling old fears and releasing emotions.
  • Discernment. Spirit would never give you information intended to harm or criticize. Your intuition will always be loving and supportive. This rule of thumb will never let you down.
  • Staying Grounded. As much as it’s great to connect to the ethers, we can’t forget about planet Earth. Balance your time with Spirit with activities that support your physical body. Nature is a great way to do this.


  • Tarot. I pull a tarot card every day as an oracle, asking my guides and angles to show me the card that will provide insight for the day. There are even oracle decks out there that you can buy or instal on your phone as an app.
  • Crystals. Crystals are wonderful helpers! There are stones to keep you grounded, stones to foster intuition or psychic communication, and stones for protection. Personally I sleep with a an amethyst cluster under my bed because I was having problems with nightmares and things bothering me when I slept. I also have a bowl of various crystals next to my bed. Each morning I ask my intuition each morning which ones I should carry with me. If you’re not sure which crystals are right for you, go to a crystal store and see what you’re drawn to. You might be surprised when you read up on the meanings of the crystals. It may be as if they are the perfect ones for you. Pro tip — the color of the crystal will correspond with the different chakras. Blue for throat and communication, for example, and red or black for root chakra.

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