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Photo by nic.co.uk Nic. CC0 – PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Astro Daily: May 11, 2017

Coming off the energies of yesterday’s Scorpio Full Moon, we may feel shaken, confronted by intense emotions or circumstances. As the Moon moves into Sagittarius today, time for some soul searching. What do we still believe in? Is our faith intact?

Full Moon in Scorpio: Alchemy

Full Moon in Scorpio: Alchemy

This is the time of the year when we shine a light on all the things that make us uncomfortable — intimacy, sexuality, trust, power, money, and vulnerability. Although not an easy sign, Scorpio is a necessary sign, teaching us about the transient qualities of life.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska. CC0 – PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Astro Daily: March 29, 2017

Mercury, the planet of choice, is coming out of a rough and tumble week with Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter. Needless to say we all had to reevaluate our choices. As a result, maybe we’re feeling a little older, a little wiser, our choices a little starker.