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Astro Daily: December 8, 2017

Mars moves to the final degree of Libra, pointing us toward critical relationship issues. The final degree of every sign has an urgency to it, a scrutiny that demands we hold ourselves accountable. Mars in Libra has been six weeks of digging into trust, intimacy, and cooperation.

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Astro Daily: November 29, 2017

The sky is still hot right now. Between the Aries Moon and a tense face off between Mars and Uranus, there’s a high likelihood that someone or something will push our buttons. Instead, get in touch with positive Mars through exercise or courageously taking a stand.

New Moon in Scorpio: Rebirth

New Moon in Scorpio: Rebirth

Happy Scorpio New Moon! We turn to life’s deeper emotions. Over the coming four weeks we’ll be exploring themes of trust, intimacy, sexuality, power, vulnerability, jealousy, and obsession as well as death and rebirth.

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Astro Daily: November 16, 2017

The Moon is in Scorpio and we prepare for the new moon. The energy is quiet but electric. Our intuition is sharp. Scorpio gives us X-ray vision, an ability to see beyond our physical reality and into the beyond. This is also a good day to let things go.

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Astro Daily: November 15, 2017

We’re rounding out the Libra lunar month and tying up this story around relationships we’ve been working on since October 19. Over the last four weeks you’ve likely had profound realizations or a sudden changes in partnership.

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Astro Daily: November 14, 2017

Moon in Libra giving us a extra chance at yesterday’s glittering line up between Venus and Jupiter. Use this energy to turn a new leaf in relationships, seek out new opportunities with a partner, and enjoy the luxe life with a special someone.

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Astro Daily: November 9, 2017

Moon moves into Leo, the sign of passion, creativity, and a joie de vivre. Toss in a Scorpio Sun along with Jupiter and Venus, also in Scorpio, and you have a sexy, magical mix of energies. Careful to create and transform instead of destroy with these influences.

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Astro Daily: November 7, 2017

Venus is now in Scorpio! As the planet of love and value, we’re now keenly aware of emotional currency. With Venus in Scorpio, love has a price. It has power. It has a magnetic attraction, too. Here we meet the shadow side of love.

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Astro Daily: November 2, 2017

We continue with a prickly Aries Moon as we come up to the full moon. It’s all about relationships today and weighing our needs against the needs of others. Can we all get along? It may take a flare up, like a dam releasing, before we do.

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Astro Daily: October 23, 2017

Welcome to Scorpio Season! The Sun arrives in the 8th sign of the zodiac and we naturally turn our attention to themes of intimacy, vulnerability, and trust — life’s deeper emotional material. Scorpio also straddles the divide between life and death, this world and the next. 

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Mars in Libra: Sign by Sign

If Mars is action and motivation, its journey through the seventh sign of the zodiac will animate all things Libra — relationships, cooperation, beauty, grace, charm, manners, and diplomacy. We’ll feel a drive to partner up and to find common ground.

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Astro Daily: December 3, 2015

Ever since Mars crossed into Libra on November 12, we’ve been in the build up to a couple of tense astrological aspects. Mars is action, it’s a spark not unlike a catalyst. Libra is a cardinal sign. It lines up with the four directions; it initiates the start of a […]